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Physics, 11e Student Study Guide

John D. Cutnell, Kenneth W. Johnson, David Young, Shane Stadler

ISBN: 978-1-119-47512-5 January 2018

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The Student Study Guide to accompany Physics 11E contains chapter summaries, and quick references to important equations and key chapter terms, with definitions provided.

- ORION Adaptive Practice: Every student has a different starting point, and adaptive practice provides endless opportunities for practice to effectively prepare for class or quizzes and exams. Active retrieval of information with practice questions is proven to improve retention of information better than re-reading or reviewing the material, and students who use adaptive practice to prepare for exams do significantly better than those who do not. Students begin with a quick, section-level diagnostic to determine their initial level of understanding, and they can use the dashboard and quick reports to see what topics they know and don’t know. This new course edition includes more feedback to ORION questions.

Lecture Videos: 259 short section lecture video animations introduce each online course section by explaining the basic concepts and learning objectives. Most also include embedded questions for student engagement. Faculty will find these videos and questions ideal for pre-lecture assignment material for those who are flipping the classroom.

- Group Problems: Group problems added to each section are useful for in-class group activities.

 - Biological Application Examples: Included “The Physics of …” bio-inspired examples are similar to what premed  students will encounter in the “Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems” passages section of the MCAT.

Lecture Videos: 259 short section lecture video animations present all concepts and learning objectives throughout each section in the course.

Chalkboard Videos: Short videos demonstrate practical problem-solving strategies step-by-step.

Math Help Videos

Physics Demonstration Videos with Assessment Questions

Physics Concept Simulations: 1 to 7 videos are included per course section with related assessment questions.

Problem-Solving Help Videos

MCAT Practice Questions: Updated for the new MCAT exam style. 1 Practice Test per course section.