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Physics and Applications of CVD Diamond



Physics and Applications of CVD Diamond

Satoshi Koizumi, Christoph Nebel, Milos Nesladek

ISBN: 978-3-527-62318-1 September 2008 374 Pages


Here, leading scientists report on why and how diamond can be optimized for applications in bioelectronic and electronics. They cover such topics as growth techniques, new and conventional doping mechanisms, superconductivity in diamond, and excitonic properties, while application aspects include quantum electronics at room temperature, biosensors as well as diamond nanocantilevers and SAWs.
Written in a review style to make the topic accessible for a wider community of scientists working in interdisciplinary fields with backgrounds in physics, chemistry, biology and engineering, this is essential reading for everyone working in environments that involve conventional electronics, biotechnology, quantum computing, quantum cryptography, superconductivity and light emission from highly excited excitonic systems.
Marshall Stoneham: Thinking about diamond
Olivier Williams, Milos Nesladek: Growth and properties of nanocrystalline diamond Films
Tokuyuki Teraji: Chemical Vapor Deposition of Homoepitaxial Diamond Films
Yutaka Anado, Atsuhito Sawabe: Heteroepitaxy of diamond
C. E. Nebel, B. Rezek, D. Shin, H. Watanabe: Surface electronic properties of H-terminated diamond in contact with electrolytes
Shin, B. Rezek, C.E. Nebel: Photo- and electrochemical bonding of DNA to single crystalline CVD diamond
Vincent Mortet, Ken Haenen, Oliver Williams: Diamond: Acoustic wave filters and sensors applications
Jonathan Goos: Defects and dopants in diamond
Satoshi Koizumi, Mariko Suzuki, Julien Pernot: n-Type doping of diamond: growth, electrical transport and devices
Jelezko, J. Wrachtrup: Single defect centers in diamond
Hideyo Okushi, Hideyuki Watanabe, Satoshi Yamasaki, Shokichi Kanno: Emission properties from dense exciton gases in diamond
Heinz Pernegger: High Mobility Diamonds and Particle Detectors
Etienne Bustarret: Superconducting diamond