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Physics and Applications of the Josephson Effect

Physics and Applications of the Josephson Effect

Antonio Barone, Gianfranco Paterno

ISBN: 978-3-527-60278-0

Jan 2005

530 pages

Select type: O-Book


Comprehensive coverage of the Josephson effect, from a survey of underlying physical theory to actual and proposed engineering applications. Considers many macroscopic quantum effects with potential for technical development. Theoretical material is followed by relevant discussions of device applications. Includes 100 original figures and photographs.
Weak Superconductivity -
Phenomenological Aspects.

Microscopic Theory.

Magnitude and Temperature Dependence of the Critical Current.

``Small'' Junctions in a Magnetic Field.

Large Junctions -
Static Self Field Effects.

Current Voltage Characteristics.

Other Superconducting Weak Link Structures.

Device Fabrication Technology.

Resonant Modes in Tunneling Structures.

Fluxon Dynamics.

High Frequency Properties and Applications of the Josephson Effect.

Josephson Junctions in Super-conducting Loops.

Squid's Theory and Applications.

Computer Elements.


Systems of Units.

Comments of Systems of Units.

Conversion Tables.