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Physics for Radiation Protection: A Handbook, 2nd Edition, Completely Revised and Enlarged

Physics for Radiation Protection: A Handbook, 2nd Edition, Completely Revised and Enlarged

James E. Martin

ISBN: 978-3-527-61879-8

Jan 2008

844 pages


A highly practical reference for health physicists and other professionals, addressing practical problems in radiation protection, this new edition has been completely revised, updated and supplemented by such new sections as log-normal distribution and digital radiography, as well as new chapters on internal radiation dose and the environmental transport of radionuclides.
Designed for readers with limited as well as basic science backgrounds, the handbook presents clear, thorough and up-to-date explanations of the basic physics necessary. It provides an overview of the major discoveries in radiation physics, plus extensive discussion of radioactivity, including sources and materials, as well as calculational methods for radiation exposure, comprehensive appendices and more than 400 figures. The text draws substantially on current resource data available, which is cross-referenced to standard compendiums, providing decay schemes and emission energies for approximately 100 of the most common radionuclides encountered by practitioners. Excerpts from the Chart of the Nuclides, activation cross sections, fission yields, fission-product chains, photon attenuation coefficients, and nuclear masses are also provided. Throughout, the author emphasizes applied concepts and carefully illustrates all topics using real-world examples as well as exercises.
A much-needed working resource for health physicists and other radiation protection professionals.
Introductory Concepts
Forces and Energy in Atoms
Major Discoveries in Radiation Physics
Radioactive Transformation
Naturally Occurring Radiation and Radioactivity
Interactions of Radiation with Matter
Radiation Shielding
Production of Activation Products
Nuclear Fission and Its Products
Nuclear Criticality
Radiation Detection and Measurement
Statistics in Radiation Physics
X Rays
Answers to Selected Problems
"This revised and expanded second edition handbook can easily be used as a textbook for undergraduate nuclear engineering or health physics students." (Health Physics, February 2007)

"Martin covers the field of nuclear physics and many of its applications very well…a good teaching tool." (CHOICE, January 2007)

"This is a very good text on basic health physics." (Doody's Health Services)

"…an excellent book. It contains a significant amount of valuable information and will serve as an excellent reference on the bookshelf of medical physicists." (Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, Fall 2006)