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Physics of Ionized Gases

Physics of Ionized Gases

Boris M. Smirnov, Howard Reiss (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61771-5 November 2008 398 Pages




A comprehensive textbook and reference for the study of the physics of ionized gases
The intent of this book is to provide deep physical insight into the behavior of gases containing atoms and molecules from which one or more electrons have been ionized. The study of these so-called plasmas begins with an overview of plasmas as they are found in nature and created in the laboratory. This serves as a prelude to a comprehensive study of plasmas, beginning with low temperature and "ideal" plasmas and extending to radiation and particle transport phenomena, the response of plasmas to external fields, and an insightful treatment of plasma waves, plasma instabilities, nonlinear phenomena in plasmas, and the study of plasma interactions with surfaces.
In all cases, the emphasis is on a clear and unified understanding of the basic physics that underlies all plasma phenomena. Thus, there are chapters on plasma behavior from the viewpoint of atomic and molecular physics, as well as on the macroscopic phenomena involved in physical kinetics of plasmas and the transport of radiation and of charged particles within plasmas. With this grounding in the fundamental physics of plasmas, the notoriously difficult subjects of nonlinear phenomena and of instabilities in plasmas are then treated with comprehensive clarity.

Plasma in Nature and in Laboratory Systems.

Statistics of a Weakly Ionized Gas.

The Ideal Plasma.

Elementary Plasma Process.

Processes Involving Charged Particles.

Rarefied and Dense Plasmas.

Radiative Processes in Weakly Ionized Gases.

Excited Atoms in Gases and Plasmas.

Physical Kinetics of Gases and Plasmas.

Transport Phenomena in Gases.

Charged-Particle Transport in Gases.

Small Particles in Plasmas.

Plasma in External Fields.

Instabilities of Excited Gases.

Waves in Plasmas.

Plasma Instabilities.

Nonlinear Phenomena in Plasmas.

Ionization Instabilities and Plasma Structures.

Atmospheric Plasmas.

Gas-Discharge Plasmas.

Plasma Interactions with Surfaces.




"Emphasis is on a clear and unified understanding of the basic physics that underlies all plasma phenomena..." (SciTech Book News, Vol. 25, No. 2, June 2001)

"It provides students and academics with an ideal text in plasma physics" (La Doc STI, May 2001)

"...I strongly recommend this book for the great clarity of understanding and insightful discussion of the key concepts of the physics of ionized gases." (Plasma Physics Vol. 66 No. 5, 2001)