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Physics of Organic Semiconductors

Physics of Organic Semiconductors

Wolfgang Brütting (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60679-5 May 2006 554 Pages




Filling the gap in the literature currently available, this book presents an overview of our knowledge of the physics behind organic semiconductor devices. Contributions from 18 international research groups cover various aspects of this field, ranging from the growth of organic layers and crystals, their electronic properties at interfaces, their photophysics and electrical transport properties to the application of these materials in such different devices as organic field-effect transistors, photovoltaic cells and organic light-emitting diodes.
From the contents:
* Excitation Dynamics in Organic Semiconductors
* Organic Field-Effect Transistors
* Spectroscopy of Organic Semiconductors
* Interfaces between Organic Semiconductors and Metals
* Analysis and Modeling of Devices
* Exciton Formation and Energy Transfer in Organic Light Emitting Diodes
* Deposition and Characterization
Organic Molecular Beam Deposition (Frank Schreiber).

Interfaces between Organic Semiconductors and Metals (Martin Knupfer).

Thermal and Structural Properties of Alq_3 (M. Coelle and W. Brütting).

Ultrafast Photophysics in Conjugated Polymers (G. Lanzani et al.).

The Origin of the Green Emission Band in Polyfluorene (S. Gamerith et al.).

Exciton Energy Relaxation and Dissociation (V.I. Arkhipov and H. Bässler).

Polarons in pi-conjugated Semiconductors (M. Wohlgenannt).

Electronic Traps in Organic Transport Layers (R. Schmechel and H. v. Seggern).

Charge Carrier Density Dependence of the Hole Mobility in PPV (C. Tanase et al.).

Analysis and Modeling of Organic Devices (Y. Roichman et al.).

Fabrication and Analysis of FETs (S. Scheiner and G. Paasch).

Organic Single-Crystal Field-Effect Transistors (R.W. I. de Boer et al.).

Charge Carrier Photogeneration and Transport in Solar Cells (I. Riedel et al.).

Modification of PEDOT:PSS as Hole Injection Layer in LEDs (M. de Kok et al.).

Optimizing OLED Structures for Display Applications (W. Rieß et al.).

"... is a useful contribution to the field and well worth buying." ChemPhysChem

"There is no doubt this book will be a useful companion to current researchers of whichever strand - physicists, chemists, materials scientists, and electrical engineers alike, as well as researchers about to enter the field." Advanced Materials