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Physiology and Pharmacology of the Heart



Physiology and Pharmacology of the Heart

Hilary Brown, Roland Kozlowski

ISBN: 978-0-865-42722-8 May 1997 Wiley-Blackwell 144 Pages


Profusely illustrated, Physiology and Pharmacology of the Heart contains lucid descriptions of the following topics: anatomy of the heart; foetal circulation; congenital malformations; mechanical events in the normal heart; electrical excitations of the heart; mechanical properties of cardiac muscle and its control; measurement of cardiac output; coronary circulation; ischaemic heart disease and its therapy; and cardiac failure and its therapy.
1. Functional Anatomy of the Heart; 2. Mechanical Events During the Cardiac Cycle; 3. The Excitatory Pathway; 4. Cardiac Cellular Electrophysiology: Ventricle and Atrium; 5. Cardiac Cellular Electrophysiology: Pacemaking and Conducting Tissue; 6. The Electrocardiogram; 7. Arrhythmias: Electrophysiological basis; 8. Antiarrhythmic Drugs 9. Arrhythmias: Clinical considerations; 10. Excitation-Contraction Coupling and Mechanoelectrical Feedback; 11. Functional Aspects of Cardiac Muscle Contraction; 12. The Nervous Control of Heart Rate and Force; 13. Measurement of Cardiac Output; 14. The Cardiac Environment: Effects of Altered Ion Concentrations on the Heart; 15. Coronary Flow and Coronary Thrombosis; 16. Drugs used to Treat Ischaemic Heart Disease; 17. Cardiac Failure; 18. Drugs Used for Cardiac Failure; 19. Molecular Biology of Cardiac Ion Channels; 20. Growing Points in Cardiac Research; Further Reading; Index
"If you are a Medical or Science undergraduate, a young Cardiology Registrar starting a Calman training post, or a research student starting a PhD or MD in Cardiovascular Physiology - Look no further than this excellent book!"
Black Bag, Medical Student's Society of Bristol University, March 1998 issue

"I cannot praise this book highly enough. It is written in excellent concise style, and with great and admirable clarity. The pictures and diagrams are superb.....The authors should be greatly congratulated on producing the best textbook of cardiac Physiology that I have so far encountered."
Dr Allan Levi, Department of Physiology, Bristol

"suitable for students of the new curriculum. Consider this as an addition to your bookshelf."
Surgo, Glasgow University Medical Journal

* prior knowledge of the subject is not assumed * wide range of topics covered * profusely illustrated