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Pilates For Dummies®, Australian Edition

Pilates For Dummies®, Australian Edition

Kelly Baker

ISBN: 978-1-740-31074-1

Sep 2003

840 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Have you been wondering about the popularity of Pilates? Thinking about having a go yourself but not sure where to start? This friendly guide helps you develop your own Pilates mat-based fitness program ? perfect for the gym and for practising at home. Pilates for Dummies?, Australian & New Zealand Edition, is packed with step-by-step exercises and photos, and imparts expert knowledge in plain-English, so that anyone can climb on board and benefit from this fantastic fitness approach.
Part I: Pilates Basics Part II: Mat Exercises Part III: Beyond the Mat: Exercises Using Equipment and Accessories Part IV: Special Situations Part V: The Part of Tens