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Pimp My Site: The DIY Guide to SEO, Search Marketing, Social Media and Online PR



Pimp My Site: The DIY Guide to SEO, Search Marketing, Social Media and Online PR

Paula Wynne

ISBN: 978-0-857-08251-0 March 2012 Capstone 256 Pages


A complete course in do-it-yourself digital marketing in 14 bite-sized lessons

The global recession has sent tens of millions scrambling for alternative employment opportunities, and a great many of them have taken the leap into becoming their own bosses. As a result there is a crying need among small business startups, entrepreneurs, and independents working on a shoestring for expert guidance on marketing themselves and their businesses online. Pimp My Site fills that void. It is a complete, do-it-yourself toolkit structured as a fourteen-day course. Rather than fry readers' circuits with a lot of jargon-heavy technical descriptions, Paula Wynne, a successful publicist, marketer and award-winning online entrepreneur, takes a show-and-tell approach. Her step-by-step descriptions are concise and in plain English, and each step is illustrated with vivid screenshots and illustrations, making the coverage eminently digestible, even for complete novices. From keywords and YouTube to search marketing and optimization, Pimp My Site, offers much for beginners and advanced users alike.

  • Notable experts describe, in their own words, quick, easy techniques for driving traffic to your site and achieving online success
  • An excellent do-it-yourself resource for complete beginners as well as experienced users looking to plug a few holes in their online marketing know-how
  • Provides practical coverage of all important trends and technologies, including optimization, search marketing, social media, YouTube, keywords, email marketing, and more
Acknowledgements ix

Foreword xi

Introduction xv

Day 1: Digital Marketing 1

Day 2: Keywords 19

Day 3: Keyword Tools 37

Day 4: SEO 49

Day 5: Marketing Tools 69

Day 6: Online Marketing 93

Day 7: Video Marketing 107

Day 8: Social Networking 119

Day 9: Social Media Tools 129

Day 10: PR 151

Day 11: PR Tools 167

Day 12: Email Marketing 193

Day 13: Email Marketing Tools 203

Day 14: TheEnd of the Beginning 219

Jargon Buster 227

Useful Resources 231

About the Expert Panel 241

About Paula Wynne 249

More Praise for Pimp My Site 251

Index 253