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Pinterest For Dummies, Pocket Edition



Pinterest For Dummies, Pocket Edition

Kelby Carr

ISBN: 978-1-118-39857-9 May 2012 144 Pages


All the steps you need to jump into Pinterest and thrive

Don't miss the boat on one of the fastest growing social network sites. Get on board and learn all about Pinterest, a virtual pin-board to share images and ideas. The platform is simple to use and navigate once you get the hang of it, and this book will walk you through all of the steps to join, use, socialize, and flourish!

Open the book and find:

  • All about starting your virtual pinboard
  • Steps for following boards and sharing pins
  • Ways to stay connected by going mobile
  • Tips for creating a quality pin
  • Techniques to build large followings
Introduction 1

About This Book  2

Foolish Assumptions  2

Icons Used in This Book  3

Where to Go from Here  3

Chapter 1: Getting Started on Pinterest 5

Asking to Join Pinterest  6

Requesting an invitation from Pinterest  7

Asking a member for an invitation  8

Connecting Twitter and Facebook  9

Setting Up Your Profile  11

Managing the Communication Flow  14

Understanding the Pinterest Privacy Policy  15

Keeping your account out of Google Search  17

Reducing e-mail from Pinterest 19

Controlling social sharing when you pin  20

Changing Your Username  22

Deactivating Your Account  22

Finding Time for Pinterest  23

Chapter 2: Creating and Editing Boards  25

Adding Your First Board  26

Naming your board 27

Choosing a category  28

Deciding who can contribute to your board  29

Rearranging Boards 30

Editing Your Boards  31

Deleting a Board  32

Adding Quality Pins to Your Boards  33

Adding a pin with a website URL  33

Installing the Pinterest Pin It button for easier pinning  36

Using the Pin It button to add a pin  37

Uploading an image as a pin 39

Creating a new board on the fly  40

Repinning  41

Finding pins to repin  42

Changing or crediting the original pinner’s comment  45

Sharing a Pin or Repin on Facebook and Twitter  46

Chapter 3: Finding Ways to Use Pinterest 49

Planning with Pinterest 50

Improving your home 50

Getting craft ideas  51

Travel planning  52

Cooking  53

Learning and teaching  55

Using Pinterest for Weddings and Other Events  56

Creating a group event board  57

Creating a hashtag for an event  59

Using Pinterest for Shopping  60

Creating a wish list  60

Finding products  61

Finding share-worthy products  61

Using Pinterest for Self-Improvement  62

Dieting and fitness  62

Finding motivational quotes  63

Chapter 4: Self-Promoting on Pinterest 65

Finding Your Site’s Pins  66

Writing a Post or Page That’s Pin-Worthy  67

Optimizing Images for Pinning  69

Installing the Pin It Button 72

Finding Pinterest Linkups  74

Adding a Follow Me Button  76

Tracking Traffic Referrals from Pinterest  77

Using Pinterest to Engage Customers and Readers  81

Chapter 5: Socializing and Following Pinterest Etiquette  83

Finding People to Follow on Pinterest  84

Following Facebook friends on Pinterest  85

Following individual boards  86

Adding friends from pins and boards  88

Inviting a friend to join Pinterest  91

Sharing Your Profile Link  92

Sharing Pins 94

Sending pins through e-mail  94

Sharing pins on Twitter and Facebook  95

Liking a Pin  96

Commenting on a Pin  97

Customizing and Tagging Pins  99

Using hashtags  99

Tagging member names in pins  100

Including a price tag in a pin  102

Creating a Quality Pin  104

Avoiding Too Much Self-Promotion  106

Crediting Sources  107

Avoiding Copyright Infringement  108

Reporting Spam and Inappropriate Pins  109

Chapter 6: Going Mobile with Pinterest 111

Installing the Pinterest App for the iPhone  112

Pinning your photographs with your iPhone  114

Understanding limitations of mobile Pinterest  118

Using Pinterest on iPad and Other Tablets  119

Using Pinterest on Android and Other Smartphones  121

Viewing pins on the mobile site  121

Viewing your profile on the mobile site 123

Chapter 7: Ten Power Pinners 125

Michael Wurm  126

Joy Cho  127

Nester Smith  128

Jenny Lawson  129

Marine Loiseau  130

Steven McGaughey  132

Amy Clark  133

Jaden Hair  134

Heather Mann  135

Sfgirlbybay 137

More Power Pinners to Consider Following  138