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Plan Reading and Material Takeoff: Builder's Essentials



Plan Reading and Material Takeoff: Builder's Essentials

Wayne J. Del Pico

ISBN: 978-0-876-29348-5 February 2015 448 Pages


A Complete Resource for Residential and Light Commercial Contractors -- based on the latest construction materials and methods.

Learn how to:

  • read and interpret building plans
  • create an accurate takeoff, using a complete set of working drawings.

Each chapter covers a major construction division, such as concrete, masonry and carpentry -- and uses plans, details and tables to illustrate plan reading and takeoff procedures. A checklist for each material division helps ensure that nothing is left out of your takeoff.

Includes a complete set of residential plans from Home Planners, Inc., the nation's leading provider of home plans. With a detailed material takeoff, from site work to electrical.

With over 160 illustrations, including commercial construction details.



Chapter One: Reading and Understanding Plans.

Chapter Two: Calculating Area and Volume.

Chapter Three: The Specifications.

Chapter Four: General Requirements (Division 1).

Chapter Five: Site Work (Division 2).

Chapter Six: Concrete (Division 3).

Chapter Seven: Masonry (Division 4).

Chapter Eight: Metals (Division 5).

Chapter Nine: Wood and Plastics (Division 6).

Chapter Ten: Thermal and Moisture Protection (Division 7).

Chapter Eleven: Doors and Windows (Division 8).

Chapter Twelve: Finishes (Division 9).

Chapter Thirteen: Specialties (Division 10).

Chapter Fourteen: Equipment (Division 11).

Chapter Fifteen: Furnishings (Division 12).

Chapter Sixteen: Special Construction (Division 13).

Chapter Seventeen: Conveying Systems (Division 14).

Chapter Eighteen: Mechanical (Division 15).

Chapter Nineteen: Electrical (Division 16).