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Planning Special Events

James S. Armstrong

ISBN: 978-0-787-95248-8 February 2001 Jossey-Bass 208 Pages


Using the same principles and methods that have proven so successful for other fund raising activities, James S. Armstrong takes you step by step through the four-phase process of managing fund raising events. This down-to-earth guide--part of the Excellence in Fund Raising Workbook Series from The Fund Raising School at Indiana University--will show how to produce events that will raise money cost effectively, expand your support base, and attract attention to your cause. Designed to be a well-thumbed reference, the workbook also includes answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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This item: Planning Special Events

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This item: Planning Special Events

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Introduction: Designing and Producing Successful SpecialEvents.

Understanding the Four Phases of Event Management.

Designing Your Special-Event Timeline.

Learning from Your Organization's Past Performance.

Preparing Needs Assessment and Your Case for Support.

Planning and Managing to Achieve Your Goals.

Selecting the Right Event.

Creating Your Budget.

Building Effective Teams.

Revising the Timeline to Stay on Track.

Constructing and Managing Your Marketing and CommunicationsPlans.

Creating Compelling Promotional Materials.

Managing the Necessary Paperwork.

Managing the Details.

Handling Surprises and Contingencies.

Thanking, Acknowledging, and Reporting.

Conclusion: Applying Your Newly Gained Experience.

"For special events knowing all the right answers is not asimportant as asking the right questions . . . . questions whichtackle all the critical components for success. This book is aninvaluable resource, a roadmap which systematically guidesprofessional and volunteer alike toward adventures that willrealize their bold dreams. A great tool that creates all-importantconfidence and optimism." (Gary Wolff, CFRE, consultant tophilanthrophy, Santa Fe, New Mexico)

"The novice and seasoned professional alike will find PlanningSpecial Events an essential desktop companion. This practical,easy-to-use guide contains everything you need to know to createand manage enjoyable, profitable special events." (John M. Vigo,director of development, Saint Mary's College High School,Berkeley, California)

"Not only is this book good for professionals, I would recommend itto my nonprofit (and some corporate) clients. Understanding all theelements required to produce a successful event is as important forthe client as it is for the professional. In my twenty years ofproducing events, I have not found a book until now that outlinesall the practical steps required for a successful event. It's allclearly spelled out here." (Marinda Freeman, event design &production, MF Productions)

"Drawing on thirty years of experience, Jim Armstrong presents avery readable, step-by-step on how to organize a successful fundraising event. I like his approach to accomplish this task."(Edward T. Scholl, executive director of development, PassionistMonastery, Chicago, Illinois)
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