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Planning a PRINCE2 Project In A Day For Dummies

Planning a PRINCE2 Project In A Day For Dummies

Nick Graham

ISBN: 978-1-118-38024-6

May 2012

88 pages

Select type: E-Book



Whether you’re very experienced in running projects, or absolutely new to it, PRINCE2 can help you run your projects more effectively.

Planning a PRINCE2 Project In a Day For Dummies is designed to give you a one-day steer into the essentials of running the Initiation stage of a PRINCE2 project. It focuses on just one process – Initiating a Project – and one theme – Plans. This quick, handy guide is essential reading for anyone undertaking a new PRINCE2  project and for those interested in learning more about how PRINCE2 can improve their projects.

 Open the book and find:

  • Planning the work of your project
  • Deciding on appropriate controls
  • Working up a detailed Business Case
  • Creating your PID or ‘Project Initiation Documentation’

Online resources include:

  • Ten tips for a good business case
  • PRINCE2 glossary
  • Gallery of images from the book
Introduction 1

What You Can Do In A Day  2

Foolish Assumptions  2

Icons Used in This Book 2

Chapter 1: So What’s a Project Method and Why Do I Need to Use One? 5

Getting the Lowdown on PRINCE2  6

Giving You Some Facts about Projects  7

Fact 1: A lot of projects go wrong  7

Fact 2: We know why projects go wrong  8

Fact 3: We know good ways of preventing a lot of those things  10

Fact 4: PRINCE2 is free to use 11

Making Your Life Easier with PRINCE2  11

Clearing Up Some Misunder-standings about PRINCE2  13

Chapter 2: Project Initiation and the PID 15

Getting to Grips with Initiating a Project  16

Understanding Why You Need Plans 17

Looking at What’s in the PID  19

Getting Strategic  20

Thinking about risk management  20

Thinking about quality management  22

Thinking about Change and Configuration Management  27

Thinking about communications  29

Deciding on Controls 34

Breaking the project into blocks  34

Setting up the other controls  35

Planning Your Project 37

Working on the Business Case  38

Building the full Business Case  38

Planning the measurement of benefits  39

Preparing for the First Delivery Stage  40

Fitting PRINCE2 to the Project  40

Writing the Extra Bits of the PID  40

Putting the PID Together  42

Looking at How You Use the PID  43

Asking the Project Board to commit to the whole project  43

Chapter 3: Planning the Project, and the First Delivery Stage 47

Thinking about the Planning  48

Considering organisational requirements  49

Thinking about money  49

Planning with Products 50

Looking at the planning problem 51

Focusing first on what you must produce  51

Identifying products in the project  52

Using the Product Flow Diagram  54

Writing Product Descriptions  57

Defining the project  62

Giving the product list some structure  62

Moving On to Activity Planning  66

Estimating – the Easy Bit 67

Scheduling and Resourcing  68

Activity networking and precedence networks  69

Activities with Gantt charts  74

Activities and resource levelling  74

Checking Risk  75

Explaining the Plan  77

Adding explanations for those who read the plan  77

Financial planning  78

Planning at Three Levels 78

The Project Plan 78

The Stage Plan  79

Chapter 4: Where to Go from Here 81

Finding out about training  81

Visiting 82

1_Ten Tips for a Good Business Case
2_A Gallery of Key PRINCE2 Diagrams
3_Glossary of the Main PRINCE2 Terms