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Planning a Scientific Career in Industry: Strategies for Graduates and Academics

Planning a Scientific Career in Industry: Strategies for Graduates and Academics

Sanat Mohanty, Ranjana Ghosh

ISBN: 978-0-470-59419-3 April 2010 248 Pages


A handy guide for students seeking a scientific career in industry

When choosing a career in industry, many of today's graduates with degrees in science and technology don't know exactly what they are looking for, the options they have available, how to position themselves to achieve their goals, or even how to define their own meanings of success. By addressing each of these issues, Planning a Scientific Career in Industry covers material not found in school textbooks or career guides to show what makes an industry tick, then demonstrates how this knowledge can be used to gain fresh perspective and open new career doors. This book:

  • Provides unique insight for new graduates on the technology sector
  • Offers tools of the trade that can be used by the graduate to make decisions on the job
  • Defines how to understand the DNA of an organization, the nature and viability of career choices, and the value of specific skills
With the backing of authors who have distinguished themselves in industry, this book presents a variety of techniques and applications, along with sound guidelines, that help chart a career course filled with rewarding opportunities—both personally and professionally.

Chapter 1. Thinking About Careers.

Chapter 2. Meet the Industry.

Chapter 3. The Protagonist of Your Career.

Chapter 4. Starting Out.

Chapter 5. Establishing Yourself.

Chapter 6. Leadership and Growth.

"There is a lot of other good advice which should be useful to new starters in industry." (Chemistry World, August 2010)