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Planning and Design of Bridges

Planning and Design of Bridges

M. S. Troitsky

ISBN: 978-0-471-02853-6 October 1994 318 Pages


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Timely, authoritative, extremely practical--an exhaustive guide tothe nontheoretical aspects of bridge planning and design. This bookaddresses virtually all practical problems associated with theplanning and design of steel and concrete bridge superstructuresand substructures. Drawing on its author's nearly half-century as abridge designer and engineer, it offers in-depth coverage of suchcrucial considerations as selecting the optimum location andlayout, traffic flow, aesthetics, design, analysis, construction,current codes and government regulations, maintenance andrehabilitation, and much more.
* Offers in-depth coverage of all the steps involved in performingproper planning and design with comparative analyses of alternativesolutions
* Includes numerous examples and case studies of existing bridgesand important projects underway around the world
* Features a time-line history of bridge building from pre-Romantimes to the present
* Summarizes key technical data essential to bridgeengineering
* Supplemented with 200 line drawings and photos vividlyillustrating all concepts presented
* Comprehensive coverage of CAD planning, design, and analysistechniques and technologies
History of Bridges.

Bridge Location.

Bridge Layout.

Crossing the River.

Structural Bridge System.

Superstructure--Steel Bridges.

Superstructure-Reinforced Concrete Bridges.



Aesthetics in Bridge Design.

Specifications and Codes.

Methodological Trends in Design of Bridges.

Methodology of Preliminary Design.

Comparison of Alternatives.

Computer-Aided Design of Bridges.