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Planning of Experiments

D. R. Cox

ISBN: 978-0-471-57429-3 May 1992 320 Pages


Offers a comprehensive nonmathematical treatment regarding the design and analysis of experiments, focusing on basic concepts rather than calculation of technical details. Much of the discussion is in terms of examples drawn from numerous fields of applications. Subjects include the justification and practical difficulties of randomization, various factors occurring in factorial experiments, selecting the size of an experiments, different purposes for which observations may be made and much more.

Some Key Assumptions.

Designs for the Reduction of Error.

Use of Supplementary Observations to Reduce Error.


Basic Ideas About Factorial Experiments.

Design of Simple Factorial Experiments.

Choice of Number of Observations.

Choice of Units, Treatments, and Observations.

More About Latin Squares.

Incomplete Nonfactorial Designs.

Fractional Replication and Confounding.

Cross-Over Designs.

Some Special Problems.

General Bibliography.