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Plant Animal Interactions: An Evolutionary Approach



Plant Animal Interactions: An Evolutionary Approach

Carlos M. Herrera (Editor), Olle Pellmyr (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-31229-4 April 2009 Wiley-Blackwell 328 Pages


Interactions between plants and animals are incredibly diverse and complex and span terrestrial, atmospheric and aquatic environments. The last decade has seen the emergence of a vast quantity of data on the subject and there is now a perceived need among both teachers and undergraduate students for a new textbook that incorporates the numerous recent advances made in the field. The book is intended for use by advanced level undergraduate and beginning graduate students, taking related courses in wider ecology degree programmes.
  • Very few books cover this subject and those that do are out of date.
Part I: Introduction.

1. Species Interactions and the Evolution of Biodiversity. (Peter W. Price).

2. The History of Associations between Plants and Animals. (Conrad C. Labandeira).

Part II: Mostly Antagonisms.

3. Plant-Insect Interactions in Terrestrial Ecosystems. (Sharon Y. Strauss and Arthur R. Zangerl).

4. Mammalian Herbivory in Terrestrial Environments. (Kjell Danell and Roger Bergström).

5. Granivory. (Philip E. Hulme and Craig W. Benkman).

Part III: Mostly Mutualisms.

6. Pollination by Animals. (Olle Pellmyr).

7. Seed Dispersal by Vertebrates. (Carlos M. Herrera).

Part IV: Synthesis.

8. Ant-Plant Interactions. (Andrew J. Beattie and Lesley Hughes).

9. Plant-Animal Interactions: Future Directions. (John N. Thompson).

Appendix: Supplementary Information for Chapter 2

"This text is designed for more senior undergraduate courses. As such it is a useful summary of work which would find a ready audience in ecology courses. The first chapters looking at fossils and evolution should also be required reading in geological circles as well. Finally, there is a great deal of information for the ecology teacher. The trends in research, detailed examples of interactions and the clear history mean that there is much that can be gained from this text. It deserves a wide readership."
Dr Paul S Ganderton, TEGNews Book Review Editor, British Ecological Society

"This book provides an excellent synthesis of the patterns and processes underlying plant-animal interactions, with an emphasis on the recent advances in this field of research...The introduction and subsequent chapters dealing with the different levels of interactions between animals and plants are well written and very accessible. Although the book is intended for students in ecology degrees, it will certainly be a valuable shelf reference for anyone interested in plant-animal interactions." Carlos Lopez Vaamonde, Bulletin of the Royal Entomological Society, April 2003

"...very appropriate for the intended audience. It is highly recommmend for libraries that serve advanced undergraduate students and beginning graduate students interested in plant-animal interactions or evolution." E-Streams, vol 6, no 1, January 2003

"...superb collection of essays...highly recommended." Choice, April 2003

"...thorough coverage, balanced approach emphasizing multispecies interactions, and well conceived future directions. This book is likely to guide the development of research projects by students who will be the next generation to study plant-animal interactions." Ecology, March 2003

".... provides a thorough synopsis for anyone interested in plant-animal interactions ...summarizes recent developments in this exciting field and points to important questions that need to be addressed in the future... it is a useful basis for undergraduate and graudate courses and thanks to the numerous references it directs the way for those who want to learn more about specific topics in the field of plant-animal interactions." Jurg Schonenberger, Plant Evolution, Vol 239, September 2003

  • Very few books cover this subject and those that do are out of date.