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Plant Breeding Reviews, Volume 12



Plant Breeding Reviews, Volume 12

Jules Janick (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-57344-9 August 1994 315 Pages


Plant Breeding Reviews presents state-of-the-art reviews on plant genetics and the breeding of all types of crops by both traditional means and molecular methods. Many of the crops widely grown today stem from a very narrow genetic base; understanding and preserving crop genetic resources is vital to the security of food systems worldwide. The emphasis of the series is on methodology, a fundamental understanding of crop genetics, and applications to major crops. It is a serial title that appears in the form of one or two volumes per year.
Dedication: Robert W. Allard, Population Geneticist and Agronomist(M. Clegg).

Bacillus Thuringiensis and Its Use as a Biological Insecticide (A.Aronson).

Development of Virus Resistant Plants via Engineering (R.Grumet).

Carbon Isotope Discrimination and Plant Breeding (A. Hall, etal.).

In Vitro Adaptation for Drought and Cold Hardiness in Wheat (G.Galiba).

The Ideotype Concept and the Genetic Improvement of Tree Crops (D.Dickmann, et al.).

Application of DNA Markers for Identification and Breeding ofPerennial Fruit Crops (U. Lavi, et al.).

Heterosis in Plant Breeding (C. Stuber).

Breeding of Seed-Planted Artichoke (J. Basnizki & D.Zohary).

Concepts and Methods for Analyzing Regional Trial Data for Cultivarand Location Selection (C. Lin & M. Binns).