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Plant Breeding Reviews, Volume 2

Plant Breeding Reviews, Volume 2

Jules Janick (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-06099-5 February 2011 339 Pages

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Plant Breeding Reviews is an ongoing series presenting state-of-the art review articles on research in plant genetics, especially the breeding of commercially important crops. Articles perform the valuable function of collecting, comparing, and contrasting the primary journal literature in order to form an overview of the topic. This detailed analysis bridges the gap between the specialized researcher and the broader community of plant scientists.

1 Dedication: George F. Sprague, Corn Breeder and Geneticist (W.A. Russell).


Publications of George F. Sprague.

2 Induced Mutations in Seed-Propagated Crops (C.F. Konzak, A. Kleinhofs, and S.E. Ullrich).

I. Introduction.

II. Frequent and Useful Mutant Types.

III. Genetic Aspects of Induced Mutants in Relation to Breeding Problems.

IV. Use of Mutagens to Supplement the Genetic Variability Base for Selection.

Literature Cited.

3 Breeding Cassava (David Byrne).

I. Introduction.

II. Basic Breeding Information.

III. Germplasm Resources.

IV. Cytogenetics, Genetics, and Breeding.

V. Conclusions and Summary.

Literature Cited.

4 Breeding Bananas and Plantains (Phillip Rowe).

I. Introduction.

II. Limitations of the Cavendish Clones.

III. History of Banana Breeding.

IV. Early Approaches to Breeding.

V. Germplasm Collection and Evaluation.

VI. Diploid Breeding.

VII. Tetraploid Breeding.

VIII. Triploid Breeding.

IX. Mutation Breeding.

X. Plantain Breeding.

XI. Summary.

Literature Cited.

5 Coffee Breeding and Related Evolutionary Aspects (H.P. Medina-Filho, A. Carvalho, M.R. Sondahl, L.C. Fazuoli, and W.M. Costa).

I. Introduction

II. Biology of Reproduction

III. Genetic Relationships Among Some Species of Coffea.

IV. Origin of Cofea arabica.

V. Breeding Goals

VI. Potential of Tissue Culture Applied to Coffee Breeding.

Literature Cited.

6 Breeding Strawberries for Red Stele Resistance (D.H. Scott, AD. Draper, and G.J. Galletta).

I. Introduction.

II. Host and Fungal Interactions.

III. Breeding Procedures.

IV. Current and Future Prospects.

Literature Cited.

7 Tissue Culture of Legumes for Crop Improvement (L A . Mroginski and K X . Kartha).

I. Introduction.

II. Plant Regeneration.

III. Somatic Hybridization.

IV. Conclusions.

Literature Cited.

8 Tissue Culture Techniques for Virus Elimination and Germplasm Preservation (K.K. Karthu).

I. Introduction

II. Tissue Culture and Virus Elimination

III. Tissue Culture and Germplasm Preservation

IV. Conclusions

Literature Cited.

9 Plant Genetic Engineering Via Organelle Transfer (Robert G. MeDaniel).

I. Introduction.

II. Rationale for Transferring Organelles.

III. Nomenclature.

IV. Organelle Transfer.

V. Nuclear-Cytoplasmic Regulatory Mechanisms

VI. Mutants and Markers.

VII. Prospects for Crop Improvement.

Literature Cited.

10 Hybrid Wheat Breeding and Commercial Seed Development (James A. Wilson).

I. Introduction.

II. Genomes and Cytoplasms.

III. Hybridizing Systems.

IV. Germplasm Development and Evaluation.

V. Seed Distribution and Production.

VI. Hybrid Quality and Grain Yield.

Literature Cited.

Index (Volume 2).

Cumulative Index (Volumes 1-2 Inclusive).

Contributor Index (Volumes 1-2 Inclusive).