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Plant Breeding Reviews, Volume 35

Plant Breeding Reviews, Volume 35

Jules Janick (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-10050-9 October 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 420 Pages

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Plant Breeding Reviews presents state-of-the-art reviews on plant genetics and the breeding of all types of crops by both traditional means and molecular methods. Many of the crops widely grown today stem from a very narrow genetic base; understanding and preserving crop genetic resources is vital to the security of food systems worldwide. The emphasis of the series is on methodology, a fundamental understanding of crop genetics, and applications to major crops. The series is sponsored by the American Society for Horticultural Science and appears in the form of one or two volumes per year.
Contributors ix

1. Dedication: Molly M. Jahn Plant Breeder and Geneticist 1
I. L. Goldman

I. Biographical Sketch 1

II. Research Program 5

III. Teaching 7

IV. Administration 7

V. Awards and Recognition 9

VI. The Woman 9

Literature Cited 10

Selected Publications of Molly M. Jahn 10

Germplasm Releases and Patents 16

2. History, Evolution, and Domestication of Brassica Crops 19
Shyam Prakash, Xiao-Ming Wu, and S. R. Bhat

I. Introduction 21

II. Archetypes and Evolution of Basic Genomes and Derived Allopolyploids 25

III. Ethnobotany, Origin, and Domestication 36

IV. Concluding Remarks 67

Acknowledgments 70

Literature Cited 71

3. Melon Landraces of India: Contributions and Importance 85
Narinder P. S. Dhillon_, Antonio J. Monforte, Michel Pitrat, Sudhakar Pandey, Praveen Kumar Singh, Kathleen R. Reitsma, Jordi Garcia-Mas, Abhishek Sharma, and James D. McCreight

I. Introduction 88

II. First Contribution of Indian Melon Germplasm to the U.S. Melon Breeding Programs 90

III. Useful Traits from Indian Melons 92

IV. Genetic Diversity 120

V. Melon Breeding 123

VI. Future Role of Indian Melon Germplasm and Conclusions 130

Acknowledgments 133

Literature Cited 133

4. Transgenic Vegetable Crops: Progress, Potentials, and Prospects 151
João Silva Dias and Rodomiro Ortiz

I. World Vegetable Production 153

II. Case for Transgenic Vegetables 154

III. Case Studies 164

IV. GM Vegetables and Integrated Pest Management 218

V. Outlook 221

Literature Cited 224

5. Millets: Genetic and Genomic Resources 247
Sangam Dwivedi, Hari Upadhyaya, Senapathy Senthilvel, Charles Hash, Kenji Fukunaga, Xiamin Diao, Dipak Santra, David Baltensperger, and Manoj Prasad

I. Introduction 251

II. Nutritional Quality and Food, Feed, Medicinal, and Other Uses 269

III. Domestication, Phylogenetic, and Genomic Relationships 277

IV. Assessing Patterns of Diversity in Germplasm Collections 284

V. Identifying Germplasm with Beneficial Traits 300

VI. Genomic Resources 316

VII. Enhancing Use of Germplasm in Cultivar Development 321

VIII. From Trait Genetics to Association Mapping to Cultivar Development Using Genomics 332

IX. Conclusions and Future Prospects 344

Acknowledgments 347

Literature Cited 347

Subject Index 377

Cumulative Subject Index 379

Cumulative Contributor Index 401 ??