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Plant Breeding Reviews, Volume 5



Plant Breeding Reviews, Volume 5

Jules Janick (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-06110-7 January 2011 458 Pages

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Plant Breeding Reviews is an ongoing series presenting state-of-the art review articles on research in plant genetics, especially the breeding of commercially important crops. Articles perform the valuable function of collecting, comparing, and contrasting the primary journal literature in order to form an overview of the topic. This detailed analysis bridges the gap between the specialized researcher and the broader community of plant scientists.

Contributors ix

1 Dedication: Orville A. Vogel

Wheat Breeder, Agronomist, Inventor 1
Warren E. Kronstad and Norman E. Borlaug

Text 1

Publications of Orville A. Vogel 6

2 Breeding and Genetics of Durum Wheat 11
R. G. Cantrell

I. Introduction 11

II. Cytogenetics and Genetics 12

III. Agronomic Traits 14

IV. Quality Traits 19

V. Pest Resistance 23

VI. Adaptation 29

VII. Conclusions and Summary 31

Literature Cited 32

3 Cytogenetics of Triticale 41
A. J. Lukaszewski and J. P. Gustafson

I. Introduction 41

II.Octoploid Triticale 43

III. Hexaploid Triticale 44

IV. Tetraploid Triticale 71

V. Conclusions 82

Literature Cited 84

4 A History of Barley Breeding Methods 95
R. T. Ramage

I. Introduction 95

II. Agricultural Beginnings and Barley Domestication 96

III. Pre-Mendelian Barley Breeding 100

IV. Pedigree Methods 103

V. Backcross Method 110

VI. Population Breeding 111

VII. Mutation Breeding 124

VIII. Hybrid Barley 127

IX. Summary 129

Literature Cited 131

5 Induced Mutations in Maize 139
R. McK. Bird and M. G. Neuffer

I. Introduction 139

II. Mutagenic Agents 140

III. Mutant Induction, Screening, and Maintenance 149

IV. Types and Frequencies of Mutants Induced by EMS 153

V. Utility of Mutagenesis 159

VI. Conclusions 170

Literature Cited 171

6 Embryo and Ovule Culture in Crop Improvement 181
E. G. Williams, G. Maheswaran, and J. F. Hutchinson

I. Embryo Culture 182

II. Media and Culture Procedures 184

III. Applications in Crop Improvement 188

IV. Conclusions 214

Appendix: Components of Selected Media Used for Embryo and Ovule Culture 214

Literature Cited 220

7 Interspecific Hybridization in Pasture Legumes 237
E. G. Williams

I. Introduction 238

II. General Considerations in Breeding Pasture Legumes 239

III. Production of Pasture Legume Hybrids Using Embryo Culture 249

IV. Characteristics and Potential of Interspecific Hybrids 266

V. Characteristics of Some Pasture Legume Hybrids 275

VI. Prospects for Hybrid Pasture Legumes 288

Literature Cited 290

8 Breeding Rabbiteye Blueberries 307
P. M. Lyrene

I. Introduction 307

II. Germplasm Resources 311

III. Genetics 323

IV. Breeding-General Considerations 326

V. Intraspecific Hybridization 329

VI. Interspecific Hybridization 333

VII. Breeding for Particular Characteristics 341

VIII. Future Prospects 352

Literature Cited 353

9 Gametoclonal Variation 359
R. A. Morrison and D. A. Evans

I. Introduction 359

II. Gametoclonal Variation in Specific Crops 362

III. Comparison of Androgenetic and Gynogenetic Plants 377

IV. Genetic Basis of Gametoclonal Variation 378

V. Summary and Conclusions 383

Literature Cited 387

10 Host-Parasite Genetics 393
Gurmel S. Sidhu

I. Introduction 394

II. Traditional Host-Parasite Genetics 394

III. Genetic Basis of Host-Parasite Interactions 404

IV. Resistance Breeding and Gene-for-Gene Interaction 407

V. Major-and Minor-Gene Resistance 411

VI. Parasitic Epistasis 413

VII. Molecular Genetics and Host-Parasite Interactions 415

VIII. DNA Cloning Vectors 420

IX. Molecular Biology and Changing Concepts in Host-Parasite Genetics 424

Literature Cited 428

Subject Index 435

Cumulative Subject Index 437

Cumulative Contributor Index 445