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Plant Breeding Reviews, Volume 8



Plant Breeding Reviews, Volume 8

Jules Janick (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-06113-8 January 2011 400 Pages


Plant Breeding Reviews is an ongoing series presenting state-of-the art review articles on research in plant genetics, especially the breeding of commercially important crops. Articles perform the valuable function of collecting, comparing, and contrasting the primary journal literature in order to form an overview of the topic. This detailed analysis bridges the gap between the specialized researcher and the broader community of plant scientists.


1 Dedication: Jack R. Harlan--Crop Evolutionist, Scholar 1
Theodore Hymowitz

2 Species Relation in Vigna subgenus Ceratotropis and Its Implication in Breeding 19
S. Dana and P.G. Karmakar

I. Introduction 19

II. The Subgenus Ceratotropis 20

III. Interspecific Hybridization 24

IV. Species Relationship 30

V. Relation with Other Subgenera and Genera 31

VI. Origin and Domestication of Mung and Urd 32

VII. Implications in Plant Breeding 35

VIII. Conclusions 36

Literature Cited 37

3 Advances in Spring Triticale Breeding 43
R. L. Villareal, G. Varughese, and O. S. Abdalla

I. Introduction 43

II. Historical Review 45

III. Nomenclature, Taxonomy, Botany and Classification of Triticales 49

IV. Cytogenetics 54

V. Germplasm Development 55

VI. Adaptation 72

VII. Uses of Triticale 76

VIII. Conclusion 79

Literature Cited 80

4 Anthocyanin Pigmentation and Transposable Elements in Maize Aleurone 91
Ch. Jayaram and Peter A. Peterson

I. Introduction 91

II. The Aleurone 95

III. Anthocyanins and Related Flavonoid Pigments 97

IV. Genetic Control of Anthocyanin Biosynthesis in Maize 108

V. Gene-action Sequence 120

VI. Transposable Elements and Anthocyanin Biosynthesis 123

VII. Anthocyanins and Plant Breeding 127

Literature Cited 127

5 Quantitative Genetics of Forest Trees 139
Gene Namkoong and Hyun Kang

I. Introduction 140

II. Population Genetics of Forest Trees 142

III. Genetic Effects and Breeding Techniques 145

IV. Selection Effects 152

V. Matching Genotypes with Environments 162

VI. Conclusions 168

Literature Cited 169

6 Mushroom Genetics and Breeding 189
Lung-chi Wu

I. The Mushroom Industry 189

II. Genetic Information 192

III. Mushroom Improvement 202

IV. Conclusions 208

Literature Cited 208

7 Rutabaga Breeding 217
V. I. Shattuck and K. G. Proudfoot

I. Introduction 218

II. Reproduction 222

III. Cultivars and Germplasm 226

IV. Breeding and Testing Systems 227

V. Breeding Objectives 230

VI. Future Considerations 241

Literature Cited 241

8 Blackberry Breeding 249
Harvey K. Hall

I. Introduction 249

II. Germplasm Resources, Exploration and Maintenance 265

III. Breeding Techniques 267

IV. Breeding Systems 275

V. Breeding for Specific Characteristics 290

VI. Prospects for the Future 300

Literature Cited 302

9 Breeding Self-Compatible Almonds 313
R. Socias i Company

I. Introduction 313

II. Floral Biology of Almond 314

III. Self-compatibility and Almond Breeding 320

IV. Genetics of Self-Compatibility 322

V. Breeding Programs 331

VI. Concluding Remarks 332

Literature Cited 333

10 Protoplast Fusion and Citrus Improvement 339
Jude W. Grosser and Frederick G. Gmitter, Jr.

I. Introduction 340

II. Impediments to Genetic Improvement of Citrus 340

III. Citrus Rootstock Breeding Objectives 344

IV. Citrus Scion Breeding Objectives 347

V. Protoplast Fusion in Citrus 350

VI. Applications of Protoplast Fusion 366

VII. Summary and Concluding Remarks 371

Literature Cited 371

Subject Index 375

Cumulative Subject Index 377

Cumulative Contributor Index 387