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Plant Nucleotide Metabolism: Biosynthesis, Degradation and Alkaloid Formation

Plant Nucleotide Metabolism: Biosynthesis, Degradation and Alkaloid Formation

Hiroshi Ashihara, Alan Crozier

ISBN: 978-1-119-47607-8

Sep 2019

600 pages

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Nucleotides are a basic unit of DNA and fulfil several functions. This book will describe the biochemistry of plant nucleotide metabolism including plant specific metabolites, such as caffeine, nicotine and cytokinins. In addition to the biosynthesis and degradation pathways, their function in plants and some applications for biotechnology such as genetic engineering to produce transgenic plants for agriculture and drug production.


Although basic plant biochemistry books which include nucleotide metabolism have been published, only a few pages have been allotted to the description of nucleotides. There are some reviews on nucleotide and nucleotide-derived alkaloids, however, these articles describe the current topics for the specialists and lack even basic information on plant nucleotide metabolism. There are some excellent nucleotide books on animals and microorganisms, but no such book has been published on plants. Therefore, this will be the first book devoted to plant nucleotides. Plants produce some alkaloids from nucleotides, the contents of plant nucleotide metabolism is distinct from those in other organisms.


The proposed book will provide concise descriptions on occurrence of various nucleotide-related compounds in plants, biosynthesis and degradation of purine, pyrimidine and pyridine nucleotides and related alkaloids, such as caffeine and nicotine. Biosynthesis and interconversion of the purine-derived cytokinin plant hormones will also be included. The functions of nucleotides and secondary products produced from nucleotides will be discussed. Finally, the relationship between plant nucleotide metabolism and human life will be discussed.

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