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Plants: Diet and Health

Plants: Diet and Health

Gail Goldberg Dr. (Editor), BNF (British Nutrition Foundation)

ISBN: 978-1-405-14772-9

Apr 2008, Wiley-Blackwell

368 pages



Report of the British Nutrition Foundation’s Task Force
Chairman of the Task Force: Professor Malcolm Jackson, University of Liverpool

Plants: Diet and Health is an extremely timely publication comprising the comprehensive and authoritative independent report of the British Nutrition Foundation’s Task Force concentrating on bioactive substances and antioxidant nutrients in plant foods. The book focuses on the present state of knowledge and the effect on good health through the intake of these substances in an appropriate diet, looking in detail at any possible protection afforded the body by these substances - against chronic disorders, particularly cancer and cardiovascular disease.

This landmark publication includes chapters covering the classification, mechanisms of action and bioavailability of bioactive substances in plants, as well as in-depth coverage of the major plant foods: fruit, vegetables, cereals, nuts and pulses. Important chapters also cover the influence of the gut microflora, the effect of agronomy, storage, preservation, processing and cooking on bioactive substances, and the public health nutrition implications of all the issues raised.

The final sections of the book cover the conclusions of the Task Force and the important recommendations made, which should be considered by all those involved in this area. There is also a questions and answers chapter covering topical media issues.

Plants: Diet and Health provides essential core information for a wide range of health professionals, including dietitians, nutritionists, general and family practitioners and community nurses (e.g. school nurses, practice nurses and health visitors). Personnel in the food industry responsible for product development, production and packaging will find this landmark publication to be an extremely valuable reference, as will all those involved in the production of dietary supplements in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Lecturers, undergraduates, postgraduates and postdoctoral researchers in nutrition, dietetics, plant sciences, biochemistry, food science and food technology, public health, pharmacy, pharmacology and medicine will also find this book to be of great value in their work.



Terms of Reference.

Task Force Membership.

1. Introduction: Plant Foods and Health.(Dr. Judith Buttriss).

2. Classification and biosynthesis of Plants and Secondary Products: An Overview. (Professor Alan Corzier).

3. Epidemiology Linking Consumption of Plant Foods and their Constituents with Health. (Dr. Barrie Margetts and Dr. Judith Buttriss).

4. Potential Mechanism of Action of Bioactive Substances Found in Foods. (Professor Malcolm Jackson).

5. Influence of the Gut Microflora. (Professor Ian Johnson).

6. Dietary Intake and Bioavailability of Plant Bioactive Compounds. (Dr. Judith Buttriss).

7. Fruit and Vegetables. (Mr. Mike Saltmarsh, Professor Alan Crozier and Professor Brian Ratcliffe).

8. Cereals, Nuts and Pulses.(Dr. Aedin Cassidy).

9. Beverages. (Dr. Garry Duthie and Professor Alan Crozier).

10. Plant and Plant-derived Lipids. (Professor Kalus Wahle, Dr. David Lindsay and Dr. Louise Bourne).

11. Miscellaneous Foods. (Mr. Mike Saltmarsh and Dr. Gail Goldberg).

12. The Effect of Agronomy, Storage, Processing and Cooking on Bioactive Substances in Food. (Ms. Claire Mac Evilly and Mrs. Irsti Peltola).

13. Implication for Public Health. (Dr. Judtih Buttriss, Professor Martin Wiseman and Dr. Barrie Margetts).

14. Conclusions of the Task Force.

15. Recommendations of the Task Force.

16. Plant Foods: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions.





* as part of the informative BNF Task Force Report Series, this text follows the successful Obesity and Adverse Reactions to Food
*discusses how an appropriate diet can offer protection against illnesses like cancer and heart disease
*offering accessible, scientifically sound information