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Plasma Nanoscience

Plasma Nanoscience

Kostya Ostrikov

ISBN: 978-3-527-62332-7

Apr 2009

563 pages


Filling the need for a single work specifically addressing how to use plasma for the fabrication of nanoscale structures, this book is the first to cover plasma deposition in sufficient depth.
The author has worked with numerous R&D institutions around the world, and here he begins with an introductory overview of plasma processing at micro- and nanoscales, as well as the current problems and challenges, before going on to address surface preparation, generation and diagnostics, transport and the manipulation of nano units.
1. Introduction
2. What Makes Low-Temperature Plasmas a Versatile Nanotool?
3. Specific Examples and Practical Framework
4. Generation of Building and Working Units
5. Transport, Manipulation and Deposition of Building and Working Units
6. Surface Science of Plasma-Exposed Surfaces and Self-Organization Processes
7. Ion-Focusing Nanoscale Objects
8. Building and Working Units at Work: Applications
9. Conclusions and Outlook
10. Appendix A. Reactions and Rate Equations
11. Appendix B. Why Plasma-based Nanoassembly: A Host of Further Reasons