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Plasmonic Photocatalysts: Fundamentals and Applications

Plasmonic Photocatalysts: Fundamentals and Applications

Baibiao Huang

ISBN: 978-1-119-06933-1

Jul 2021

368 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Plasmonic Photocatalysts: Fundamentals and Applications is a comprehensive introduction to the burgeoning research field of plasmonic photocatalysis. The book begins with coverage of fundamental aspects, including the design, synthesis and characterization of plasmonic photocatalysts, and discussions about the underlying mechanism of plasmonic photocatalysis, the electron transfer process, and the function of each part of the plasmonic photocatalytic system. Later chapters present a variety of applications in areas such as energy and the environment including the photo-degradation of organic pollutants, carbon dioxide reduction, water splitting and solar cells.  Throughout the book, typical and important plasmonic photocatalysts are presented as examples to show the rules of design for plasmonic photocatalysts, their fabrication process, characterization, determination of the rate and influencing factors.