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Plastic Design to BS 5950

Plastic Design to BS 5950

J. M. Davies, Brian Brown

ISBN: 978-0-632-04088-9

Aug 1996

336 pages

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This book examines the plastic design and behaviour of main frames--both low-rise industrial and agricultural, and multistorey. Representative topics, such as member and frame stability and restraints and connections, are explained in clear and detailed presentations, and will interest practitioners and students alike. Explanations are buttressed by many diagrams and numerous worked examples. Published on behalf of the Steel Construction Institute, the book was written by Professor J.M. Davies of the University of Manchester, and Brian Brown, chartered structural engineer.
Introduction; Principles of plastic design; Further considerations in plastic design; Plastic design of beams; Pitched roof portal frame building; Multi-storey buidings; Miscellaneous portals; Multi-span portal frames; Design of agricultural buildings; Performance of agricultural buildings; Two case studies
* plastic design enables the designer to produce quickly cost effective solutions, with no need for specialist computer software * it is specifically included in modern design codes such as BS 5950 and Eurocode EC3 * published with the authoritative back of the UK Steel Construction Institute and written by an international academic authority on plastic design and a practising engineer with over 30 years' experience of plastic design