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Plate Boundary Zones

Plate Boundary Zones

Seth Stein (Editor), Jeffrey T. Freymueller (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-67044-6

Mar 2013

425 pages


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geodynamics Series, Volume 30.

An important change in ideas about plate tectonics has been the recognition that the boundaries between plates are often broad zones of deformation, rather than the narrow boundaries originally assumed in plate tectonic theory. Hence, although it used to be common to straddle the San Andreas fault and view one leg as being on the Pacific plate and the other in North America, it is now recognized that such a straddle would require a 1500-km leg span across the plate boundary zone extending across much of western North America.

Seth Stein and Jeffrey T. Freymueller  vii


Plate Boundary Zones: Concept and Approaches
Seth Stein and Giovanni F. Sella  1

Kinematics of Plate Boundary Zones

Space Geodetic Measurements of Plate Boundary Deformation in the Western U.S. Cordillera
Richard A. Bennett, James L. Davis, James E. Normandeau, and Brian P. Wernicke  27

Geophysical Interpretation of Geodetic Deformations in the Central Mediterranean Area
R. Devoti, C. Ferraro, R. Lanotte, V. Luceri, A. Nardi, R. Pacione, P. Rutigliano, C. Sciarretta,
E. Gueguen, G Bianco, and F. Vespe  57

Tectonic Processesin the Eurasian-African Plate Boundary Zone Revealed by Space Geodesy
Gyula Grenerczy  67

Evidence for Block Rotations and Basal Shear in the World's Fastest Slipping Continental Shear Zone
in NW New Guinea
Colleen W. StevensR, obertM cCaffrey, YehudaB ock,J oachimF . Genrich, Manuel Pubellier, and Cecep Subarya  87

Crustal Block Rotations and Plate Coupling
Robert McCaffrey  101

Comparison of GPS, Seismologicala, nd GeologicalO bservationso f Andean Mountain Building
Eryn R. Klosko, Seth Stein, David Hindle, Jonas Kley, Edmundo Norabuena, Timothy Dixon, and Mian Liu  123

DisplacementsS, trains and Rotationsi n the Central Andean Plate Boundary Zone
D. Hindle and J. Kley  135

The Dead Sea Basin, Its Structural Setting and Evaporite Tectonics
Abdallah S. A1-Zoubi  145

Earthquakes in Plate Boundary Zones

The Global Moment Rate Distribution Within Plate Boundary Zones
Cornd Kreemer, William E. Holt, and A. John Haines  173

Correlation of B-Value With Spreading Rate for Strike-Slip Earthquakes of the
Mid-Oceanic Ridge System
Amy R. Langenhorst and Emile A. Okal

Plate Tectonics and Earthquake Potential of Sp  191reading Ridges and Oceanic Transform Faults
Peter Bird, Yah Y. Kagan, and David D. Jackson 203

Complexities of Transform Fault Plate Boundaries in the Oceans
Jeffrey J. McGuire, Thomas H. Jordan, and Jian Lin 219

The January 26, 2001, Bhuj Earthquake and the Diffuse Western Boundary of the Indian Plate
Seth Stein, Giovanni Sella, and Emile A. Okal 243

The 01/26/2001, Bhuj, India, Earthquake: Intraplate or Interplate?
Qingsong Li, Mian Liu, and Youqing Yang 255

Dynamics of Plate Boundary Zones

On the Evolution of Motion Across Diffuse Plate Boundaries
Stephen Zatman and Mark A. Richards 265

A Review of Using the fc f1 Diagram to Evaluate Continental Deformation
David Coblentz and Kurt Stiiwe 283

A Dangling Slab, Amplified Arc Volcanism, Mantle Flow and Seismic Anisotropy
in the Kamchatka Plate Corner
Jeffrey Park, Vadim Levin, Mark Brandon, Jonathan Lees, Valerie Peyton, Evgenii Gordeev, and Alexei Ozerov 295

Crustal Shortening and Extension in the Central Andes: Insights From a Viscoelastic Model
Mian Liu, Youqing Yang, Seth Stein, and Eryn Klosko 325

Variations in Inelastic Failure of Subducting Continental Lithosphere and Tectonic Development:
Australia-Banda Arc Convergence
Kush Tandon, Juan M. Lorenzo, Sri Widiyantoro, and Geoffrey W. O'Brien 341

The Closed Upper-Mantle Circulation of Plate Tectonics
Warren B. Hamilton 359

Plate Tectonics as a Far-From-Equilibrium Self-Organized System
Don L. Anderson  411