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Pocket Guide to Infection Control in the Hospital

Pocket Guide to Infection Control in the Hospital

Richard P. Wenzel, M. Edmond, M. Wong, P. Meier

ISBN: 978-1-555-81135-8

Dec 2001

182 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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This pocket reference provides healthcare professionals working in infection control with easy access to current information for the performance of their daily duties. The guide compiles guidelines, task-force recommendations, and regulatory standards, most presented in tabular format for easy look-up. This valuable reference digests into concise synopses the enormous amount of material with which clinical microbiologists and hospital and clinic personnel must be acquainted.
Principles of Epidemiology; Epidemiology and Prevention of Nonsocomial Infections; Surveillance; Outbreak Investigation; Employee Health; Management of Infectious Exposures; Environmental Issues; Prevention Measures; Special Pathogens; Special Hosts; Special Settings; Use of Antimicrobials; Role of the Microbiology Laboratory; Infectious Risks of Blood Products; New Product Evaluation; Important Resources