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Pocket Guide to Malignant Melanoma



Pocket Guide to Malignant Melanoma

John Buchan, Dafydd Roberts

ISBN: 978-0-470-75985-1 April 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 64 Pages


The ability to diagnose melanomas and ensure that they are properly and swiftly treated can save lives.

The latter part of this century has witnessed a rise in the incidence of this life-threatening form of skin cancer, which is linked to sun exposure. Public health campaigns have begun to raise awareness of the problem and people are now seeking medical advice about pigmented lesions. The reader is guided through the diagnosis and differential diagnosis with the aid of full color photographs, and there is a guide to interpreting the pathology report.



Epidemiology and aetiology - Where, who, why?.

Diagnosis - suspicions, scoring and diagnostic aids.

Differential diagnosis - moles and much more.

Histopathology and natural history.

Surgery - no margin for error.

Second line management - what happens next?.

Prevention and early detection - theory and practice.


"If well produced and up-to-date, I think that this would prove to be a very helpful publication."

Dr Arthur Jackson, General Practitioner

"This slim volume contains an excellent and up-to-date overview of melanoma and its management ... This volume is a very useful start from anyone who is interested in melanoma. The size and layout makes it attractive to use." Dermatology in Practice

* 34 full colour photographs to aid diagnosis
* a straightforward explanation to help interpret the pathology report and its implications
* focuses on diagnosis, prevention and post-treatment follow up
* an overview of secondary care treatment