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Poleward Flows Along Eastern Ocean Boundaries

Poleward Flows Along Eastern Ocean Boundaries

Steven J. Neshyba (Editor), Christopher N. K. Mooers (Editor), R. L. Smith (Editor), R. T. Barber (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66361-5 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 374 Pages



Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Coastal and Estuarine Studies, Volume 34.

This is the first volume to deal exclusively with an ubiquitous feature of all the major ocean basins—the poleward-flowing surface currents and undercurrents along the continental shelf and slope of their eastern boundaries. The volume emanates from the First International Workshop held on this topic, and which was hosted by the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, in December 1986.

I. Workshop Summaries 1

Workshop Summary: Poleward Flow-Observational and Theoretical Issues
Christopher Mooers 2

Poleward Flows Along Eastern Ocean Boundaries: An Introduction and Historical Review
Robert Smith 17

Theoretical Understanding of Eastern Ocean Boundary Poleward Undercurrents
Allan Clarke 26

Poleward Flow Along Eastern Boundaries: What Next?
Adriana Huyer 40

II. Geographical Reports: Atlantic Ocean 46

The Baroclinic Circulation of the West Spitsbergen Current
Robert Bourke and Alan Weigel 47

A Brief Sketch of Poleward Flows at the Eastern Boundary of the North Atlantic
Thomas McClimans 68

On the Northeast Atlantic Slope Current
John Huthnance and W. J. Gould 7 6

The Poleward Undercurrent on the Eastern Boundary of the Subtropical North Atlantic
E. D. Barton 82

The Subsurface Circulation Along the Moroccan Slope
Ekkehard Mittelstaedt 96

Poleward Motion in the Benguela Area
Greville Nelson 110

II. Geographical Reports: Pacific Ocean 131

Observations of the Low-Frequency Circulation off the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada
Howard Freeland 132

Poleward Flow in the California Current System
Adriana Huyer, Michael Kosro, Steven Lentz, and Robert Beardsley 142

Poleward Flow Near the Northern and Southern Boundaries of the U.S. West Coast
Barbara Hickey 160

Poleward Flows off Mexico's Pacific Coast
Antoine Badan-Dangon, J. Robles, and J. Garcia 176

An Overview of the Poleward Undercurrent and Upwelling Along the Chilean Coast
Tomas Fonseca 203

II. Geographical Reports: Indian Ocean 229

The Leeuwin Current 
John Church and J. Stewart Godfrey 230

III. Special Topics 255

An Application of Turbulence Data to the California Undercurrent
Rolf Lueck and Hidekatsu Yamazaki 256

Model Simulations of a Coastal Jet and Undercurrent in the Presence of Eddies and Jets in the California Current System
Mary Batteen 263

Do Nitrogen Transformations in the Poleward Undercurrent off Peru and Chile Have a Globally
Significant Influence?
Louis Codispoti, Richard Barber, and Gemot Friederich 281

Topographic Stress in Coastal Circulation Dynamics
Greg Holloway, Ken Brink, and Dale Haidvogel 315

IV. Epilogue 331

V. References 342

Appendix A: List of Participants 371