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Political Philosophers of the Twentieth Century

Political Philosophers of the Twentieth Century

Michael Lessnoff

ISBN: 978-0-631-20261-5 January 1999 Wiley-Blackwell 312 Pages


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This volume provides an outstanding survey of the major political philosophers of the twentieth century.

1. Introduction.

2. Max Weber and the Politics of the Twentieth Century.

Part I: Critics of Consumerist Capitalism:.

3. Herbert Marcuse and the Frankfurt School: The Tyranny of Instrumental Reason.

4. Hannah Arendt: Classical Republicanism and the Modern World.

5. C. B. Macpherson: Possessive Individualism and Liberal Democracy.

Part II: Embattled Liberalism:.

6. Michael Oakeshott: Rationalism and Civil Association.

7. Friedruch Hayek: The Theory of Spontaneous Order.

8. Karl Popper: Critical Rationalism and the Open Society.

9. Isaiah Berlin: Monism and Pluralism.

Part III: Contemporaries:.

10. John Rawls: Liberal Justice.

11. Robert Nozick: The Minimal State.

12. Jurgen Habermas: Discourse Ethics and Democracy.

13. Conclusion: The End of History?.


* Surveys major political philosophers of the 20th century.
* Displays a sharp focus and thematic unity not found in most edited volumes.
* Written in a clear and accessible style without over-simplifying or giving a prejudiced account of the thinkers discussed.
* Stress placed on the historical context to which the philosophers were responding.
* Relates individual writers to each other, and treats them in an integrated way against the background of a particular debate.