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Polydox Reflections

Polydox Reflections

Mary-Jane Rubenstein, Kathryn Tanner

ISBN: 978-1-118-80714-9

Aug 2014

156 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Polydox Reflections stages a critical dialogue concerning the ethical and theological viability of "polydoxy." A wide range of thinkers explore this theological trend in light of their own sense of the task of modern theology.  

  • Provides sympathetic and skeptical responses to Polydoxy - a trend in contemporary theology that emphasizes the multiplicity of creation, religious traditions, and divinity itself.
  • Introduces, expands, and refines the vibrant theological possibilities of polydoxy.
  • Offers theological visions that are both ontologically rigorous and politically engaged.
  • Includes essays by Virginia Burrus, Mark Jordan, Catherine Keller, Laurel Schneider and Graham Ward

Introducing Polydoxy (Mary-Jane Rubenstein)

1. History, Theology, Orthodoxy, Polydoxy (Virginia Burrus)

2. Tradition on Fire: Polydoxy, Orthodoxy, and Theological Epistemology (Shannon Craigo-Snell)

3. Polyhairesis: On Postmodern and Chinese Folds (Clayton Crockett)

4. The Logic of Origin and the Paradoxes of Language: A Theological Experiment (Linn Marie Tonstad)

5. Receiving the Gift (Graham Ward)

6. Writing-Terrors: A Dialectical Lyric (Mark D. Jordan)

7. “There is Hope for a Tree”: Lament and Hope in Conversation with Polydoxy (Wendy Farley)

8. Getting it Right (Laurel C. Schneider)

9. “Theology’s Multitude: Polydoxy Reviewed and Renewed” (Catherine Keller)


Notes on contributors