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Polymer Reaction Engineering

Polymer Reaction Engineering

Jose Asua (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-405-14442-1 September 2007 Wiley-Blackwell 392 Pages


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Polymers are an example of “products-by-process”, where the final product properties are mostly determined during manufacture, in the reactor. An understanding of processes occurring in the polymerization reactor is therefore crucial to achieving efficient, consistent, safe and environmentally friendly production of polymeric materials.

Polymer Reaction Engineering provides the link between the fundamentals of polymerization kinetics and polymer microstructure achieved in the reactor. Organized according to the type of polymerization, each chapter starts with a description of the main polymers produced by the particular method, their key microstructural features and their applications Polymerization kinetics and its effect on reactor configuration, mass and energy balances and scale-up are covered in detail. The text is illustrated with examples emphasizing general concepts, principles and methodology.

Written as an authoritative guide for chemists and chemical engineers in industry and academe, Polymer Reaction Engineering will also be a key reference source for advanced courses in polymer chemistry and technology.

1. Introduction to Polymerization Processes.

2. Coordination Polymerization.

3. Free Radical Polymerization. Homogeneous Systems.

4. Free radical polymerization. Heterogeneous systems.

5. Suspension polymerization.

6. Emulsion Plymerization.

7. Step Growth Polymerization.

8. Control of Polymerization Reactors

  • A concise and accessible overview of polymer reaction engineering allowing the reader to rapidly and economically acquire a sophisticated working knowledge of these processes
  • Highly practical in approach, the book focuses the how polymer structure contributes to polymer properties and shows how different reaction processes are used to achieve appropriate product properties.
  • Brings non-experts up to speed quickly and comprehensively, providing to new entrants a firm understanding of the basic chemistry and technology of Polymer Reaction Engineering