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Polymeric Materials in Organic Synthesis and Catalysis

Polymeric Materials in Organic Synthesis and Catalysis

Michael R. Buchmeiser (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60185-1 January 2005 582 Pages


This is the first book to describe the synthesis and characterization of the materials used in polymer-supported synthesis. The authors cover not only the classical polymers and their use in homogeneous, heterogeneous and micellar catalysis, but also such new developments as "enzyme-labile linkers", illustrating how to simplify the purification process and avoid waste. The result is a wealth of useful information -- for beginners and experts alike - in one handy reference, removing the need for difficult and time-consuming research among the literature.


List of Contributors.

1. Structure, Morphology, Physical Formats and Characterization of Polymer Supports (Y. de Miguel, et al.).

2. Supported Reagents and Scavengers in Multi-Step Organic Synthesis (I. Baxendale, et al.).

3. Organic Synthesis on Polymeric Supports (C. Gil, et al.).

4. Solid-Phase Bound Catalysts: Properties and Applications (T. Frenzel, et al.).

5. Soluble Polymers as Catalyst and Reagent Platforms: Liquid-Phase Methodologies (T. Dickerson).

6. Polymers for Micellar Catalysis (O. Nuyken).

7. Dendritic Polymers as High-Loading Supports for Organic Synthesis and Catalysis (R. Haag & S. Roller).

8. Metathesis-Based Polymers for Organic Synthesis and Catalysis (M. Buchmeiser).

9. New Strategies in the Synthesis of Grafted Supports (R. Jordan).

10. Biocatalyzed Reactions on Polymeric Supports: Enzyme-Labile Linker Groups (R. Reents, et al.).

11. Polymer-Supported Olefin Metathesis Catalysts for Organic and Combinatorial and Synthesis (J. Kingsbury & A. Hoveyda).

12. Monitoring and Optimizingn Organic Reactions Carried Out on Solid Support (B. Yan).

13. Polymeric Membranes for Integrated Reaction and Separation (J. Keurentjes).


“The book is not only comprehensive in coverage, but well written and interesting to read .. the work described is very much at the forefront of current technology.”  (Applied Organometallic Chemistry, 4th July 2005)

"The value of the book lies in the compact nature of the individual chapters, and the vast number of references." (Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, Vol.43, No.46, 26th November 2004)

"In conclusion, this volume successfully brings together contributions from leading experts in order to highlight the outstanding advances and future potential of emerging strategies for the development of modern synthetic reactions based upon innovative polymeric supports. It is therefore highly recommended to all researchers with interests in these areas." (Carbohydrate Polymers)

"In summary this is an excellent and stimulating book that describes recent work on many parts of the subject and which reviews many developing areas. It is a reference book to update established researchers and a very good starting point for researchers new to field." (Organic Process Research & Development)