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Polymeric Materials in Organic Synthesis and Catalysis

Polymeric Materials in Organic Synthesis and Catalysis

Michael R. Buchmeiser (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60568-2

Mar 2006

582 pages

Select type: E-Book



This is the first book to describe the synthesis and characterization of the materials used in polymer-supported synthesis. The authors cover not only the classical polymers and their use in homogeneous, heterogeneous and micellar catalysis, but also such new developments as "enzyme-labile linkers", illustrating how to simplify the purification process and avoid waste. The result is a wealth of useful information -- for beginners and experts alike - in one handy reference, removing the need for difficult and time-consuming research among the literature.
Structure, Morphology, Physical Formats and Characterization of Polymer Supports
Supported Reagents and Scavengers in Multi-Step Organic Synthesis
Organic Synthesis on Polymeric Supports
Solid-Phase Bound Catalysts: Properties and Applications
Soluble Polymers as Catalyst and Reagent Platforms: Liquid-Phase Methodologies
Polymers for Micellar Catalysis
Dendritic Polymers as High-Loading Supports for Organic Synthesis and Catalysis
Metathesis-Based Polymers for Organic Synthesis and Catalysis
New Strategies in the Synthesis of Grafted Supports
Biocatalyzed Reactions on Polymeric Supports: Enzyme-Labile Linker Groups
Polymer-Supported Olefin Metathesis Catalysts for Organic and Combinatorial Synthesis
Monitoring and Optimizingn Organic Reactions Carried Out on Solid Support
Polymeric Membranes for Integrated Reaction and Separation