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Polymerization Process Modeling

Polymerization Process Modeling

N. A. Dotson, R. Galvan, R. L. Laurence, M. Tirrell

ISBN: 978-0-471-18615-1 November 1995 392 Pages


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Large numbers of chemical engineers work with polymerization reactions and the problems and the challenges particular to the production of polymers. These problems have no counterparts in small-molecule reactions, and thus usually are neglected in standard reactor courses. This book provides a clearly written, comprehensive textbook on polymerization reactor engineering, appropriate for senior-level undergraduate and 1st- and 2nd-year graduate students. It focuses on polymer structure and structure-property relationships conditions that can play a role in dictating stucture.

Distinctive Features of Polymers and Polymerization.

Step Growth Polymerization.

Chain Growth Polymerization.


Non-Linear Polymerization.

Reactor Configuration.

Heterogenous Polymerization.