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Polymers for Biomedicine: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications



Polymers for Biomedicine: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications

Carmen Scholz (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-96788-1 June 2017 624 Pages


Highlighting dynamic developments in polymer synthesis, this book focuses on the chemical techniques to synthesize and characterize biomedically relevant polymers and macromolecules.

•    Aids researchers developing polymers and materials for biomedical applications
•    Describes biopolymers from a synthetic perspective, which other similar books do not do
•    Covers areas that include: cationically-charged macromolecules, pseudo-peptides, polydrugs and prodrugs, controlled radical polymerization, self-assembly, polycondensates, and polymers for surface modification

List of Contributors ix

Part I. Pseudo-Peptides, Polyamino acids and Polyoxazolines 1

Chapter 1 - Characterization of Polypeptides and Polypeptoides­ –Methods and Challenges 3
David Huesmann and Matthias Barz

Chapter 2- Poly(2-Oxazoline): The structurally Diverse Biocompatibilizing Polymer 31
Rodolphe Obeid

Chapter 3- Poly(2-oxazoline) Polymers – synthesis, characterization and Applications in Development of Therapeutics 51
Randall W. Moreadith and Tacey X. Viegas

Chapter 4- Polypeptoid Polymers: Synthesis, Characterization and Properties 77
Brandon A. Chan, Sunting Xuan, Ang Li, Jessica M. Simpson and Donghui Zhang

Part II - Advanced Polycondensates 121

Chapter 5 - Polyanhydrides: Synthesis and Characterization 123
Rohan Ghadi, Eameema Muntimadugu Wahid Khan and Abraham J. Domb

Chapter 6 - New Routes to Tailor-Made Polyesters 149
Kazuki Fukushima and Tomoko Fujiwara

Chapter 7 - Polyphosphoesters: An old biopolymer in a new light 191
Kristin N. Bauer, Hisaschi T.C. Tee, Evandro M. Alexandrino and Frederik R. Wurm

Part III. Cationically Charged Macromolecules 243

Chapter 8 - Design and Synthesis of Amphiphilic Vinyl Copolymers with Antimicrobial Activity 245
Leanna L. Foster, Masato Mizutani, Yukari Oda, Edmund F. Palermo and Kenichi Kuroda

Chapter 9 - Enhanced Polyethylenimine-Based Delivery of Nucleic Acids 273
Jeff Sparks, Tooba Anwer and Khursheed Anwer

Chapter 10 - Cationic graft copolymers for DNA engineering 297
Atsushi Maruyama and Naohiko Shimada

Part IV. Biorelated polymers by Controlled Radical Polymerization 313

Chapter 11 - Synthesis of (Bio)degradable Polymers by Controlled/“Living” Radical Polymerization 315
Shannon R. Woodruff and Nicolay V. Tsarevsky

Part V. Polydrugs and Polyprodrugs 355

Chapter 12 - Polymerized drugs – a novel approach to controlled release systems 357
B. Demirdirek, J. J. Faig, R. Guliyev and K.E.Uhrich

Chapter 13 - Structural design and synthesis of polymer prodrugs 391
Petr Chytil, Libor Kostka and Tomáš Etrych

Part VI. Biocompatibilization of Surfaces 421

Chapter 14 - Polymeric ultrathin films for surface modifications 423
Henning Menzel

Chapter 15 - Surface Functionalization of Biomaterials by Poly(2-oxazoline)s 457
Giulia Morgese and Edmondo M. Benetti

Chapter 16 - Biorelated polymer brushes by surface initiated reversible deactivation radical polymerization 487
Rueben Pfukwa, Lebohang Hlalele and Bert Klumperman

Part VII. Self-assembled Structures and Formulations 525

Chapter 17 - Synthesis of amphiphilic invertible polymers for biomedical applications 527
A.M. Kohut, I.O. Hevus, S.A. Voronov and A.S. Voronov

Chapter 18 - Bioadhesive Polymers for Drug Delivery 559
Eenko Larrañeta and Ryan F. Donnelly