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Polyolefin Blends



Polyolefin Blends

Domasius Nwabunma (Editor), Thein Kyu (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-19897-1 January 2008 688 Pages

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The definitive reference on the properties and applications of polyolefin blends

Polyolefins account for more than half of total plastics consumption in the world. In recent years, usage of and research on polyolefin blends have increased significantly due to new applications in medicine, packaging, and other fields and the development of novel polyolefins. With a special emphasis on nano- and micro-structures of crystals and phase morphology, Polyolefin Blends condenses and consolidates current information on polyolefins so that the reader can compare, select, and integrate a material solution. Focusing exclusively on the fundamental aspects as well as applications of polyolefin blends, this authoritative reference:

Features an introductory chapter that serves as a guide to polyolefin blends

Includes chapters covering formulation design, processing, characterization, modeling and simulation, engineering performance properties, and applications

Covers polyolefin/polyolefin blends and polyolefin/non-polyolefin blends

Discusses miscibility, phase behavior, functionalization, compatibilization, microstructure, crystallization, hierarchical morphology, and physical and mechanical properties

Covers new research trends including in-situ reactor blending and reactive processing, such as compatibilization/functionalization in the melt

Contains practical examples from open literature sources and commercial products

With chapters contributed by leading experts from several countries, this is a must-have reference for scientists and engineers conducting research on polyolefin blends and for professionals in medical, packaging, and other commodity fields. It is also an excellent text for graduate students studying polymer science and polymer processing.

1. Overview of Polyolefin Blends (Domasius Nwabunma).

Polyolefin/Polyolefin Blends.

2. Miscibility and Characteristics of Polyolefin Blends (James L. White and Jinhai Yang).

3. Miscibility, Morphology and Properties of Polyethylene Blends (Robert A. Shanks).

4. Miscibility and Crystallization of Binary Polyethylene Blends (Moonhor Ree).

5. Microscopically Viewed Structural Characteristics of Polyethylene Blends between Deuterated and Hydrogenous Species: Cocrystallization and Phase Separation (Kohji Tashiro).

6. Thermal and Structural Characterization of Binary and Ternary Blends based on Isotactic Polypropylene, Isotactic Poly (1-Butene) and Hydrogenated Oligo (Cyclopentadiene) (Maurizio Canetti).

7. Morphological Phase Diagrams of Blends of Polypropylene Isomers and Poly(ethylene octene) Copolymer (Wirunya Keawwattana, Rushikesh Matkar, and Thein Kyu).

8. Structure, Morphology and Mechanical Properties of Polyolefin Based Elastomers (Shigeyuki Toki and Benjamin S. Hsiao).

9. Morphology and Mechanical Properties in iPP/Polyolefin-Based Copolymer Blends (Koh-Hei Nitta and Masayuki Yamaguchi).

10. Functionalization of Olefinic Polymer and Copolymer Blends in the Melt (Boleslaw Jurkowski, Stepan Stepanovich Pesetskii, and Yuri Mikhailovich Krivoguz).

11. Deformation Behavior of ß-Crystalline Phase Polypropylene and its Rubber Modified Blends (Sie Chin Tjong).

12. Multiphase Polypropylene Copolymer Blends (Francis M. Mirabella).

13. Heterogeneous Materials Based on Polypropylene (Jesús Maria García Martínez, Susana Areso Capdep¢n, Jes£s Taranco González, and Emilia Pérez Collar).

14. Polypropylene/Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Terpolymer Blends (Chang-Sik Ha, Subhendu Ray Chowdhury, Gue-Hyun Kim, and Il Kim).

15. Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber/Natural Rubber Blends (Soney C. George and Sabu Thomas).

16. Phase Field Approach to Thermodynamics and Dynamics of Phase Separation and Crystallization of Polypropylene Isomers and Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer Blends (Rushikesh Matkar and Thein Kyu).

Polyolefin/Non-Polyolefin Blends.

17. Compatibilization and Crystallization of Blends of Polyolefins with a Semiflexible Liquid Crystalline Polymer (Liliya Minkova).

18. Functionalized Polyolefins and Aliphatic Polyamide Blends: Interphase Interactions, Rheology and High Elastic Properties of Melts (Boleslaw Jurkowski and Stepan Stepanovich Pesetskii).

19. Plastic Deformation and Damage Mechanisms of Ternary PP/PA6/POE Polymer Blends  (Shu-Lin Bai, Christian G?Sell, Gongtao Wang, Jean-Marie Hiver, and Min Wang).

20. Reactive Compatibilization of Binary and Ternary Blends Based on PE, PP and PS (M¢nica F. D¡az, Silvia Barbosa, and Numa J. Capiati).

21. Polyolefin/Epoxy Resin Blends (Bejoy Francis and Sabu Thomas).