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Polyolefin Characterization: Houston 2006 ICPC International Conference on Polyolefins Characterization

Polyolefin Characterization: Houston 2006 ICPC International Conference on Polyolefins Characterization

Joao B. P. Soares (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-62368-6 November 2008 170 Pages




The First International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization (ICPC) held in Houston, Texas, in October 2006, was organized to fill the important industrial and academic need for a discussion forum on the characterization and fractionation techniques of polyolefins. These proceedings represent an excellent and up-to-date overview of recent advances in this important area, providing much information and facts that are not available elsewhere.
The result is a collection of top quality contributions by experienced editors and international authors on such fields as separation and fractionation, high throughput processes, thermal and crystallinity analysis, spectroscopy and rheology.
Equally of high interest for the polymer industry.
An overview of important microstructural distributions for polyolefin analysis
Development of an automated crossfractionation apparatus, TREF-GPC, for a full characterization of the bivariate distribution in polyolefins
Examples of using 3D-GPC-TREF for polyolefin characterization
Separation and characterization of ethylene-propylene copolymers by high-temperature gradient HPLC coupled to FTIR spectroscopy
Molecular topology fractionation of polystyrene stars and long chain branched polyethylene fractions
Crystallization elution fractionation. A new separation process for polyolefin resins
Block Index for Characterizing Olefin Block Copolymers
A mathematical model for the kinetics of crystallization in Crystaf
Characterization of ethylene-1-hexene copolymers made with supported metallocene catalysts: Influence of support type
Application of fractionation technique to the studies of olefin polymerization kinetics and polymer degradation
Synthesis and characterization of ethylene/propylene copolymers in the whole composition range
Characterization of polyethylene nascent powders synthesized by TpTiCl2(OR) catalysts
Characterization of LDPE grafted with diethylmaleate by gamma radiation: Application of FTIR, GPC and SSA techniques
Thermal stability evaluation of PA6/LLDPE/SEBS-g-DEM blends
Using solvents to improve the chemical shift differences between short-chain branch methines and long-chain branch methines in polyethylene copolymers