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Polyoxometalate-based Molecular Nanoscience

Polyoxometalate-based Molecular Nanoscience

Eugenio Coronado, Leroy Cronin, John Errington, Josep Maria Poblet, Anna Proust

ISBN: 978-1-119-33115-5

Nov 2021

320 pages

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This book deals with the molecular region of nanoscience showing for the first time the unique possibilities offered by polyoxometalate (POM) chemistry to construct a common area of interest for supramolecular chemistry, molecular electronics, molecular magnetism and spintronics.  The book illustrates the different aspects covered by molecular nanoscience in the context of POM chemistry including:
1) The design of functional molecules using POM chemistry;
2) The control of the self-assembling processes to prepare nanostructures of these chemical nano-objects on surfaces, and to prepare new materials based on these molecules;
3) The study of the properties exhibited by these nanomaterials/nanostructures, including the study of properties at the unimolecular level;
4) The development of applications in catalysis and energy, molecular electronics, molecular nanomagnetism, spintronics and quantum computing, and in biology.
The book will be of interest for various scientific communities of chemists, physicists, biologists and engineers working in molecular nanoscience. It will also provide a new perspective for the community of POM chemistry, showing the non-conventional applications of these molecular nanostructures.