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Pond Life: Creating the 'ripple effect ' in everything you say and do

Pond Life: Creating the 'ripple effect ' in everything you say and do

Jon Hammond

ISBN: 978-1-841-12724-8 July 2006 Capstone 176 Pages




Pond Life is a straightforward, no-nonsense guide to improving the way you communicate and interact with other people. Inside you will find a totally original approach to solving many of the most frequently made communication gaffs and blunders. Pond Life will help you boost your confidence and show you how to present yourself in a way you never thought possible.

Why Pond Life? Because every time you communicate, you start a ripple effect. Too often we sell ourselves short because we worry about being caught ‘on the hop’, let opportunities slip through our fingers or just plain send out the wrong signals. So come on in, the water’s warm…

  • Discover your personal style
  • Pick up lots of ideas guaranteed to enhance your day-to-day communication skills
  • Stop your audience mentally ‘hopping away’
  • Discover the power of passion in influencing people around you

Dip a toe and give your communication skills a splash of magic. Pond Life will help you to impress your colleagues and friends with simple, easy-to-learn and amusing lessons that you can use again and again to create that all-important ripple effect.

About the Author.


Introduction – Creating the ‘Ripple’ Effect.

Why Pond Life?

1. Ponds, Streams and Muddy Water.

2. How Are You Unique?

3. Why Being Yourself is Key.

4. The ‘What If’s’.

5. Prepare Well – Feel Good.

6. Deciding What you are Going to Say.

7. How are you Going to Say It?

8. Going for It.

9. Making an Impact.

10. Losing the Distractions.

11. The Obstacles.

12. Continual Improvement.

13. The Joy of Powerful Communication.

The Pond Life D.I.Y. Map.

The Future.

In Search of New Ponds.