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Population, Space and Place

Population, Space and Place

Edited By:Darren Smith, Aileen Stockdale and Clara Mulder

Online ISSN: 1544-8452

Digital version available through Wiley Online Library

Select type: Journal


Population, Space and Place aims to be the leading English-language research journal in the field of population geography and in geographical population studies. This implies all submitted papers should have a geographical or spatial component. It intends to:

  • Inform population researchers of the best theoretical and empirical research on topics related to population, space and place
  • Promote and further enhance the international standing of population research through the exchange of views on what constitutes best research practice
  • Facilitate debate on issues of policy relevance and encouragesi the widest possible discussion and dissemination of the applications of research on populations
  • Review and evaluate the significance of recent research findings and provide an international platform where researchers can discuss the future course of population research
  • Provide a forum for population researchers to assess and apply philosophical and methodological developments in the social and behavioural sciences
  • Encourage quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods approaches to population research

The scope of the journal is international, covering developed and less developed countries and embracing all the main fields of interest in population studies, including:

* Population and society * Fertility, mortality and migration * Quantitative and qualitative methods of population analysis * Ageing populations * Census analysis * Spatial demography * Population policies * Theory and population* Population distribution and change * Population and development

The main content of each journal issue is research articles, but the journal also contains book reviews, and review articles commissioned by the editors which will report current debate or themes.

The editors welcome contributions from researchers in all fields of population studies who are interested in geographical issues.

Each volume will contain eight issues. Papers will not normally be longer than 8,000 words. All research papers will be subject to peer review.