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Porphyrins for the 21st Century, Volume 2, Applications

Porphyrins for the 21st Century, Volume 2, Applications

Penelope J. Brothers, Mathias O. Senge

ISBN: 978-1-119-12932-5

Aug 2020

648 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Porphyrins for the 21st Century is a compact and accessible introduction to the broad field of porphyrin chemistry. Across two volumes (which can be purchased individually or together as a set), the editors present a modern overview of this diverse field, discussing the basics of synthesis and structure of porphyrins and related molecules, and the current and future roles that porphyrins play in chemical transformations, materials design and synthesis, energy capture and transduction, human health, and the environment.

This second volume focuses on the applications of porphyrins and related macrocycles in our modern world. The chapters within this volume link back to the fundamental topics covered in the first volume in order to avoid repetition of core concepts. Volume 2 highlights the diverse and exciting array of applications, covering the following topics:

Catalysis - chemical transformations: CH activation, catalysis involving oxygen, catalysis involving hydrogen, electrocatalysis, photocatalysis.
Porphyrins as architectural elements: Building blocks in 3D materials chemistry, nanotubes, nanosheets, MOFS, porphyrins on scaffolds such as DNA and peptides, ordered surface structures, functional porphyrin assemblies, liquid crystals, nanoparticles, nanoclusters.
Energy capture and transduction: Artificial photosynthesis, dye sensitised solar cells, organic electronics
Human health: Porphyrins and disease, porphyrins in therapy, photodynamic therapy, radioimmunotherapy and imaging
Porphyrins in the environment: Porphyrins in geochemistry, sensing applications.

Volumes 1 and 2 can be purchased individually and, following publication of the second volume, they will also be available together as a 2 volume set, ‘Porphyrins for the 21st Century: Fundamentals and Applications’.