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Post-Rapture Radio: Lost Writings from the Failed Revolution at the End of the Last Century

Post-Rapture Radio: Lost Writings from the Failed Revolution at the End of the Last Century

Russell Rathbun

ISBN: 978-0-470-29272-3

Mar 2008, Jossey-Bass

208 pages

Select type: Paperback


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In Post-Rapture Radio, our faithful narrator finds a mysterious box containing the sermons and journal entries of a genuine, unvarnished American character the Reverend Richard Lamblove. The little-known Lamblove–tried and failed–to revolutionize contemporary Christian culture. As his journal entries, cereal box scribblings, and random notes written on paper scraps reveal, Lamblove sees contemporary culture as shallow, overly individualistic, and consumed with the kind of status measured by money, power, and celebrity. And American Evangelicalism—which has been integrated into the culture as a whole—has similar failings. Reverend Lamblove vanished without a trace, but Russell Rathbun has “compiled” his papers into a compelling critique of contemporary faith an antidote to faith-as-usual and a wakeup call for Christians to genuinely respond to the gospel.
Prelude to the Apocalypse.

Part One: The Apocalypse.

From Lamblove’s Commentary on the Book of Revelation: Terms Related to the End of the World.

Letter to the Seven County Metro Area Association of Emerging Churches (SCMAAEC).

Journal Entry (Mrs. Cheryl Johnson).

Sermon: Confessions of a Post-Evangelical, or Jesus in a Suitcase.

Journal Entry (The Spiritual Act of Shopping).

Journal Entry Editor’s Comment.

Journal Entry (I don’t Know About Technology).

Post-Apocalyptic Praise Song, Part One.

Part Two: Judgment and Armageddon.

From Lamblove’s Commentary on the Book of Revelation: Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.

Sermon: A Good Televangelist Is Hard to Find.

Journal Entry (Address to the Maple Lakes Rotary Club).

Sermon: Football Coach Jesus.

Journal Entry (The Parking Lot Is a Dangerous Place).

Sermon: Penlight Jesus.

Journal Entry (Amy Knows Something).

Journal Entry (Generation Jesus).

Sermon: Preacher and a Drunk.

Post-Apocalyptic Praise Song, Part Two.

Journal Entry (A Top Priority for Your Wednesday).

Part Three: A New Heaven and a New Earth.

From Lamblove’s Commentary on the Book of Revelation: Consuming the Future for Short-Term Existential Gain.

Journal Entry (What Does It Matter?)

Sermon: Why Is Evil Funny?

Sermon: Separation in Light of Personal Experience.

Sermon: Mercy Machine Journal Entry (Mercy Machine).

Walk Away Editor’s Comment.

Journal Entry (The Lord’s Supper as a Revolutionary Act).

Sermon: The Uncontrollable Love of God.

Post-Apocalyptic Praise Song, Part Three.

Journal Entry (I Used to Be So Sure).

Be Sure Editor’s Comment.

Journal Entry or Note or Something.

Final Undated Journal Entry (These Are the People I Love).

From an Article Published in the St. Paul Tribune, November 25, 2000.



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