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Postcolonial Studies: An Anthology

Pramod K. Nayar (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-78098-5 July 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 688 Pages


This new anthology brings together the most diverse and recent voices in postcolonial theory to emerge since 9/11, alongside classic texts in established areas of postcolonial studies.

  • Brings fresh insight and renewed political energy to established domains such as nation, history, literature, and gender
  • Engages with contemporary concerns such as globalization, digital cultures, neo-colonialism, and language debates
  • Includes wide geographical coverage – from Ireland and India to Israel and Palestine
  • Provides uniquely broad coverage, offering a full sense of the tradition, including significant essays on science, technology and development, education and literacy, digital cultures, and transnationalism
  • Edited by a distinguished postcolonial scholar, this insightful volume serves scholars and students across multiple disciplines from literary and cultural studies, to anthropology and digital studies

Preface x

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction 1

Part 1 Framing the Postcolonial 13

1 The Fact of Blackness 15
Frantz Fanon

2 Introduction to Orientalism 33
Edward Said

3 Of Mimicry and Man: The Ambivalence of Colonial Discourse 53
Homi K. Bhabha

4 Scattered Speculations on the Subaltern and the Popular 60
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

5 Third]World Literature in the Era of Multinational Capitalism 71
Fredric Jameson

6 Jameson’s Rhetoric of Otherness and the “National Allegory” 91
Aijaz Ahmad

7 Re-Orientalism: The Perpetration and Development of Orientalism by Orientals 110
Lisa Lau

8 Postcolonial Remains 125
Robert JC Young

9 Postcolonial Studies and the Challenge of Climate Change 144
Dipesh Chakrabarty

Part 2 The Question of History and Historical Subjects 159

10 Historylessness: Australia as a Settler Colonial Collective 161
Lorenzo Veracini

11 Latin American Postcolonial Studies and Global Decolonization 175
Fernando Coronil

12 History Without a Cause? Grand Narratives, World History, and the Postcolonial Dilemma 193
Barbara Weinstein

13 “Africa As an Alien Future”: The Middle Passage, Afrofuturism, and Postcolonial Waterworlds 211
Ruth Mayer

Part 3 Language, Literacy, Education 223

14 On English from India: Prepositions to Post-Positions 225
K. Narayana Chandran

15 Rhetorical Sovereignty: What Do American Indians Want from Writing? 239
Scott Richard Lyons

16 Histories of Publishing under Apartheid: Oxford University Press in South Africa 258
Caroline Davis

17 Re-ethicizing the Classroom: Pedagogy, the Public Sphere, and the Postcolonial Condition 281
Ajay Heble

Part 4 Nation, Space, Identity 295

18 Whiteness in Post-Socialist Eastern Europe: The Time of The Gypsies, The End of Race 297
Anikó Imre

19 Asian Canadian Futures: Diasporic Passages and the Routes of Indenture 316
Lily Cho

20 Ireland, Empire and Utopia: Irish Postcolonial Criticism and the Utopian Impulse 331
Eóin Flannery

21 Narrative Agency and Thinking about Conflicts 354
Nandana Dutta

22 The Ballad of the Sad Café: Israeli Leisure, Palestinian Terror, and the Post/colonial Question  370
Rebecca L. Stein

Part 5 Transnationalism and Cosmopolitanism 385

23 Cosmopolitanism and the De-colonial Option 387
Walter D. Mignolo

24 Solidarity and Spheres of Culture: The Cosmopolitan and the Postcolonial 405
Vivienne Jabri

25 Literature/Identity: Transnationalism, Narrative and Representation 418
Arif Dirlik

26 The Limits of Cultural Hybridity: On Ritual Monsters, Poetic Licence and Contested Postcolonial Purifications 438
Pnina Werbner

Part 6 Gender and Sexuality 457

27 Veils and Sales:Muslims and the Spaces of Postcolonial Fashion Retail 459
Reina Lewis

28 “Patriarchal Colonialism” and Indigenism: Implications for Native Feminist Spirituality and Native Womanism 473
M. A. Jaimes Guerrero

29 Sex, Violence and History in the Lives of Idi Amin: Postcolonial Masculinity as Masquerade 483
Mark Leopold

30 Empire, Desire and Violence: A Queer Transnational Feminist Reading of The Prisoner ‘Abuse’ in Abu Ghraib and the Question of ‘Gender Equality’ 495
Melanie Richter]Montpetit

Part 7 Science, Environment, Development 513

31 Slow Violence, Gender, and the Environmentalism of the Poor 515
Rob Nixon

32 Postcolonial and Feminist Philosophies of Science and Technology: Convergences and Dissonances 533
Sandra Harding

33 The Myth of Isolates: Ecosystem Ecologies in the Nuclear Pacific 553
Elizabeth M. DeLoughrey

34 Bio-Prospecting or Bio-Piracy: Intellectual Property Rights and Biodiversity in a Colonial and Postcolonial Context 570
John Merson

Part 8 Globalization, Digital Cultures, Identity 585

35 Global Primordialities: Virtual Identity Politics in Online Hindutva and Online Dalit Discourse 587
Rohit Chopra

36 Hidden Sides of the Credit Economy: Emotions, Outsourcing, and Indian Call Centers 602
Winifred R. Poster

37 eEmpires 627
Rita Raley

38 The Woman on the Other Side of the Wall: Archiving the Otherwise in Postcolonial Digital Archives 652
Elizabeth A. Povinelli

Index 000