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Power Brands: Measuring, Making, and Managing Brand Success, 3rd Edition

Power Brands: Measuring, Making, and Managing Brand Success, 3rd Edition

Jesko Perrey, Tjark Freundt, Dennis Spillecke

ISBN: 978-3-527-50781-8

Apr 2015

330 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Brand success can be managed

What distinguishes a brand-name product from no-name competitors? How can companies assess and enhance the value of their brands? What steps can executives take to manage their brands successfully? Reliable answers to these and other questions can be found with the proven BrandMatics-Konzept from McKinsey. Now in its third revised and enhanced edition, Power Brands incorporates many recent advances in the field:

  • New research on the evolution of brand relevance - both in B2C and B2B.
  • Two modular additions to the proven brand purchase funnel framework.
  • All-new chapters on brand delivery, MROI, and digital brand management.
  • Dozens of new case studies - from insights generation to brand promise definition.
  • Six new in-depth interviews with distinguished international brand managers.

Contents 5

Why you should read this book 7

Third edition acknowledgements 11

Second edition acknowledgements 13

First edition acknowledgements 15

1. What Brands Can Do 19

1.1 What Brands Mean for Consumers and Companies 19

1.2 The Secret of Strong Brands 30

1.3 McKinsey BrandMatics® – Mastering Brand Management 61

Interview with Matt Jauchius of Nationwide: »The journey from art to science« 67

Notes 71

2. Measuring Brands 77

2.1 Brand Relevance: Assessing the Relative Importance of Brands 77

2.2 From Insight to Impact: Customer Insights and Segmentation for Better Brand Management 102

2.3 The Brand Purchase Funnel 130

Interview with Erwin van Laethem and Dorkas Koenen of Essent: »Differentiating in the middle« 149

Notes 160

3. Making Brands 165

3.1 Mapping Brand Image 165

3.2 Brand Drivers: What is Really Important for the Consumer? 171

3.3 The Matrix of Options 182

3.4 Brand Portfolio Management 187

3.5 Brand Leverage 195

Interview with Jean-Christophe Babin of Bulgari: »Everything we do is brand management« 211

Notes 215

4. Brand Delivery 219

4.1 A Promise is a Promise: Bringing Brands to Life 219

4.2 MROI-based Communications Management 242

4.3 Internal Activation: Creating a Brand Mindset 261

4.4 Digital Brand Management 266

4.5 The Brand Cockpit: Collecting and Using Data Systematically and Effectively 278

4.6 The Brand Organization: Structural Success Factors 291

Interview with Kasper Rorsted of Henkel: »Get the strategy and the team right« 307

Notes 311

5. Power Brands: Ten Perspectives 315

Interview with Oliver Bierhoff of the German national soccer team: »I never stop thinking about the national team brand« 317

Table of illustrations 323

About the authors 327

About the illustrations 329