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PowerPoint 2013 Bible

Faithe Wempen (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-68009-4 March 2013 848 Pages

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Master PowerPoint and improve your presentation skills with one book!

In today's business climate, you need to know PowerPoint inside and out, and that's not all. You also need to be able to make a presentation that makes an impact. From using sophisticated transitions and animation in your PowerPoint presentations to interfacing in person with your audience, this information-packed book helps you succeed. Start creating professional-quality slides that captivate audiences and discover essential tips and techniques for making first-rate presentations, whether you're at a podium or online.

  • Combines both the technical software skills and the soft presentation skills needed to be a successful presenter in today's business climate
  • Explains PowerPoint 2013's features and tools in detail, so you can create impressive,professional presentations for your job
  • Shows you essential formatting techniques, including tables and working with Layouts, Themes, and Masters
  • Covers working with drawings and SmartArt, photos, charts, sounds, music, video, and data from other sources
  • Explains how to prepare for live presentations and also how to create and present material in the Cloud or online, including e-learning

For compelling, successful presentations in person, in the cloud, or on the web, start with PowerPoint 2013 Bible.

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Preface  xxxv

Part I: Building Your Presentation 1

Chapter 1: A First Look at PowerPoint 3

Chapter 2: Creating and Saving Presentation Files 41

Chapter 3: Creating Slides and Text Boxes 71

Chapter 4: Working with Layouts, Themes, and Masters 99

Chapter 5: Formatting Text 141

Chapter 6: Formatting Paragraphs and Text Boxes 179

Chapter 7: Correcting and Improving Text 207

Chapter 8: Creating and Formatting Tables 229

Part II: Using Graphics and Multimedia Content 255

Chapter 9: Drawing and Formatting Objects 257

Chapter 10: Creating SmartArt Graphics 313

Chapter 11: Working with Clip Art and Photos 335

Chapter 12: Working with Charts 377

Chapter 13: Incorporating Content from Other Programs 419

Chapter 14: Adding Sound Effects, Music, and Soundtracks 435

Chapter 15: Incorporating Motion Video 459

Chapter 16: Creating Animation Effects and Transitions 485

Part III: Interfacing with Your Audience 517

Chapter 17: Creating Support Materials 519

Chapter 18: Preparing for a Live Presentation 543

Chapter 19: Designing User-Interactive or Self-Running Presentations 577

Chapter 20: Preparing a Presentation for Mass Distribution 609

Chapter 21: Sharing and Collaborating 627

Chapter 22: Customizing PowerPoint 647

Part IV: Project Labs 673

Lab 1: Presenting Content without Bulleted Lists 675

Lab 2: Adding Sound and Movement to a Presentation 693

Lab 2A: Fading Text and Graphics In and Out 693

Lab 2B: Replacing One Picture with Another 701

Lab 2C: Zooming In on a Picture 704

Lab 2D: More Animation Practice 705

Lab 2E: Using Transitions and Soundtracks 709

Lab 3: Creating a Menu-Based Navigation System 713

Lab 4: Creating a Classroom Game 733

Appendix A: What Makes a Great Presentation? 753

Appendix B: Essential SkyDrive Skills 775

Index 787