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PowerPoint 2016 For Dummies

Doug Lowe

ISBN: 978-1-119-07734-3 October 2015 352 Pages


Get up and running with PowerPoint 2016

Does using PowerPoint make you want to pull your hair out? PowerPoint 2016 For Dummies takes the pain out of working with PowerPoint, offering plain-English explanations of everything you need to know to get up and running with the latest version of the software. With full-color illustrations and step-by-step instructions, it shows you how to create and edit slides, import data from other applications, collaborate with other users in the Cloud, add charts, clip art, sound, and video—and so much more.

PowerPoint is the world's de facto presentation software, used and supported in over 60 countries. The time has never been better to take advantage of the latest software to make killer PowerPoint presentations. From adding special effects to your presentations to working with master slides and templates, this hands-on friendly guide is the fast and easy way to make PowerPoint work for you.

  • Presented in full color to better illustrate the powerful presentation features of the software
  • Helps you take advantage of all of PowerPoint's new features
  • Available in conjunction with the release of the next version of Microsoft Office
  • Written by bestselling author Doug Lowe

If you're a new or inexperienced PowerPoint user who spends more time trying to figure out how the software works than you do actually working on your presentations, PowerPoint 2016 For Dummies is just what you need to gain back hours of your work day and make professional, impactful presentations.

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with PowerPoint 2016 5

Chapter 1: Welcome to PowerPoint 2016 7

Chapter 2: Editing Slides 31

Chapter 3: Working in Outline View 47

Chapter 4: Proofing Your Presentations 53

Chapter 5: Don’t Forget Your Notes! 63

Chapter 6: Show Time! 69

Part II: Creating GreatLooking Slides 85

Chapter 7: All about Fonts and Text Formatting 87

Chapter 8: Designing Your Slides 103

Chapter 9: Animating Your Slides 117

Chapter 10: Masters of the Universe Meet the Templates of Doom 135

Part III: Embellishing Your Slides 157

Chapter 11: Inserting Pictures 159

Chapter 12: Drawing on Your Slides 177

Chapter 13: Charting for Fun and Profit 197

Chapter 14: Working with SmartArt 215

Chapter 15: Lights! Camera! Action! (Adding Sound and Video) 227

Chapter 16: More Things to Insert on Your Slides 239

Part IV: Working with Others 265

Chapter 17: Collaborating in the Cloud 267

Chapter 18: Using a Slide Library and Other Ways to Reuse Slides 277

Chapter 19: Exporting Your Presentation to Other Formats 283

Part V: The Part of Tens 295

Chapter 20: Ten PowerPoint Commandments 297

Chapter 21: Ten Tips for Creating Readable Slides 301

Chapter 22: Ten Ways to Keep Your Audience Awake 305

Index 309