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Powered by Coalition: The Story of Independent Sector

Powered by Coalition: The Story of Independent Sector

Brian O'Connell, John W. Gardner (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-0-787-90954-3 April 1997 Jossey-Bass 236 Pages


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A detailed account of how and why the diverse groups of INDEPENDENT SECTOR came together, what it has taken to keep them together, and what they have been able to achieve through collaboration.
Foreword by John W. GardnerPrefaceAcknowledgementsThe Author
Introduction: The Significance of Voluntary Action in America
Part One: The Beginnings of INDEPENDENT SECTOR
1. Serious Challenges to Nonprofit Organizations in the 1960s and1970s
2. Searching for a Course
3. The Organizing Effort
4. The Birth of INDEPENDENT SECTOR and the Defining FirstYear
Part Two: The Power of Association
5. The Strength of Coalition: A Quintessential Example
6. Battles and Cooperation with Government
7. Telling the Sector's Story
8. Fostering Research on the Sector
9. Promoting Effectiveness, Openness,and Accountability
10. Making the Most of the Meeting Ground
Part Three: Lessons and Afterthoughts
11. Building, Energizing, and Maintaining Large and DiverseCoalitions
12. Hopes Not Realized and Other Regrets
13. A Personal View of the Future
AppAndixes:A. Roster of Charter MembersB. The Start-Up FundersC.1995 Membership RosterD. Board Mambers 1980-1995E. Staff Mambers1980-1996